Friday, February 14, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jenny Williams
Blog: Daydreamer Knits
Rav ID: jennyw
Some Great Designs: jennyw's Rav Designer Page

It's Valentine's Day, and I'm in love with this designer's work!
(Oh my god SO corny! But true. See cool stuff below).

This week's designer is all about wonderful texture and dancing cables. All three of the featured patterns here share this trait.

The pictured Avonleigh Scarf/hood, featured in Cooperative Press' Fresh Designs, has little vines, leaves, and "berries" (bobbles) wandering back and forth across it's length. A very pretty piece, and yet another in my arsenal to pull out when people say "bobbles! Yuck!" No! Look how pretty! She's also helpfully included a link to a video by the Knit Witch that shows you how to work them back and forth, without turning your work.

The Lady Edith Hooded Scarf is a lovely piece. Inspired by the eponymous character from Downton, this pattern is practical and pretty. With the cold winds still whipping around outside, a handknit stretch of loveliness is the perfect thing to keep head and ears warm. The elegant hood shaping is perfect for this purpose.

And to finish with something just a bit different, here's the Laurel Park Shrug. I'm a big shrug fan, and this one looks like a great knit, with a variety of texture and nice shape when worn.

Find any knits to be your Valentine? :)


Pamela said...

These are all gorgeous! I'm always impressed with the designs you pick out for this series!

Unknown said...

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