Monday, February 17, 2014

Hinterland: Winter

The third and final Hinterland collection is out!
Introducing Hinterland: Winter.

In the winter, we find ourselves drawn outdoors despite of (or perhaps because of) the cold, icy surfaces, and gloriously wind-sculpted white landscape. 
Enjoying the forest, riverside, and frozen fields calls for a bit of extra knitted warmth; this is where us knitters can shine.

The three patterns in this collection are designed to help you enjoy the subzero temperatures on your excursions into the hinterland.

Drift's Ridge

Drift’s Ridge was inspired by the look and feel of deep winter. Heaps of snow sculpted by harsh winds are tamed into soft, regular scallops; the chill of the season is kept away with a finely-gauged sweater knit in a cozy fibre. This is a knit that you can layer, one that extends down past your wrists into long sleeves and over your hips in a near tunic-length.

Knit from the top down in one piece, Drift’s Ridge features a seamless construction, simple colourwork and long sleeves.
29 (33, 35.5, 42, 46, 50, 54.5, 59)” / 73.5 (84, 90, 106.5, 117, 127, 138.5, 150) cm


The critters of the forest might be hibernating, but there’s no reason you have to! These legwarmers can keep you extra cozy whether you’re indoors or out exploring the snow banks this winter. A relaxing knit and purl textured stitch is easily memorized, making this a quick and soothing knit. The I cord and pom poms add a bit of bounce and fun to Hibernation, with the added benefit of a snug fit. Easily adjust the length by adding repeats of the delightfully simple Chevron Texture Stitch.

11.5” (14.5)” / 29 (37) cm circumference unstretched

Winter Coronet

Part cowl part hood, Winter Coronet keeps you warm while outside in the winter. Worn up, the
beautiful interwoven cables are snug around your ears, acting as graceful earwarmers while also keeping the wind from sneaking down your neck.  Worn down, the hood adds plenty of extra fabric around your neck and shoulders; much appreciated when the temperatures drop!
Knit from the top down, Winter Coronet is a seamless design featuring short rows, cables, and gentle increases at the crown for a voluminous hood to warm you this winter!
One size


Hilary said...

Teresa, this collection is SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is Drift's Ridge, with those pretty colorwork scallops, but I love them all! Well done!!

Pamela said...

These are all gorgeous, but I'm especially loving the scallops on Drift's Ridge!