Friday, February 07, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: The Needle Lady
Blog: med pinner
Rav ID: Pinneguri
Some Great Designs: Pinneguri's Rav Designer Page

ALERT! BEAUTIFUL STRANDED COLOURWORK AHEAD! Beware, your queue may be in for a great influx!

I had far to difficult a time deciding which of the so, so many lovely pieces by this week's designer to feature, I figured I'd change up the format and do less talking and more showing. This week, the images are going to speak for themselves.

© Ann Myhre

Barnejakka Villsauene på Runde
Check out the pattern page for this one. There's so many wonderful colour combinations! (I really, really need one of these for me).


Baby Blanket Snowflakes
Holy cow.

© Ann Myhre
The Bumblebee Socks

I need these. In these colours. Naow.


Sarah Montie said...

Her designs are beautiful and the colors she used are just gorgeous. I love the Angry Sheep Cardigan. Almost makes me want to steek and make colorwork socks.

kingshearte said...

OMG, those snowflakes.