Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Such a Good Mood; Your 30s are Great

Happy people can be obnoxious, but damn, I'm in such a good mood.
This month, and even moreso, this year, has been fantastic.
Anyone who tells you being 30 is no good is crankypants.

And while I have the super power of crankypants sometime (I won't lie), I'm choosing right here, right now, this post, you readers, as a internet virtual happy dance party. So share with me if you please: what are some Great Things about your 2013?

Great Things

Reaching Goals You've Set for Yourself
I made time to sit down and actually write out some goals for myself over the past year. I worked towards them, and achieved a few. There were plenty that I didn't get to, but I'm thinking that's what makes the world go round; you've got to have something to shoot for.

Spending Time with Family and Friends
I've found some of my happiest moments this year have been time with my peoples. Whether impromptu hang outs or planned parties, regular knit nights or one-off pub crawls, it's the conversation and relaxation time that I seem to remember the most and love the best.

Watching Funny Things on the Interwebs
(this list was getting way to serious).
My favourite from the last few months is the talking dog. Still gets me every time.

In the very best of ways. I've been seeing so many friends getting serious about eating healthy and being active. Those are not my favourite things; I generally avoid strenuous activity. But seeing how happy they all are with their hard work is my motivation to do the same for myself.

If we don't mark the great events and even little accomplishments in our life, it all rushes by and seems less tangible. I used to think celebrating things was silly, but have come to recognize its worth and I try my best to "make a big deal" of even little things for myself and people I care about.

Being Comfortable with Yourself 
Getting back to that "being in your 30s is rad" thing: it's true. I'm feeling at a point in my life where what other people may think of me has lost much of its hold on my mind, and I'm feeling much more free. In part, I'm sure, that also has to do with my conscious effort to consume less media, and be much more actively critical of all of it that I'm exposed to.

Discovering New Things
Who knew I'd like board games so much?  Embracing suggestions by friends and trying not to say no to things will lead to adventure, whether mild, medium, or super incredible.
I also never thought I'd like a beach vacation, but, you know, we all learn and grow.
There's also that awesome little side street I randomly walked by on a route through my neighbourhood that I never have otherwise taken. Great as a photo shoot location, and it's already provoking design ideas. Adventure!

Recognizing Where you can Wield your Super Powers
We've all got super powers.  There's stuff I can do, and be fairly sure it'll be done well. I can organize and control certain things in my life and make my world a better, less stressful place.
But a huge stress generator in my life is trying to control things that I just can't. Getting angry with situations and people and their actions where my anger is really just useless crap hurting no one but me. This is a tricky one, and I'm working on it.

I did an awful lot of that this year! Chicago, Alberta, Columbus, Rhinebeck, Cuba. I'm looking forward to visiting Indianapolis in 2014 for TNNA, and hopefully another Rhinebeck trip.

So bring it on 2014! I'm totally ready.


Meredith MC said...

Your enthusiasm is catching- and I have to say from the ripe old age of 42 that my 30's were amazing- I achieved so many goals that I was too flighty to do in my 20's, like get a masters degree and learn to knit. It became so much easier for me to focus on who I wanted to be and block out what was distracting or unhelpful. My motivation kicked in and with my new found focus I KICKED ASS! As terrified as I was of my thirties, my forties have failed to scare me. I know who I am and what I am capable of, and I haven't backed off of new challenges. I learned to teach aerobics and strength training at 40 years old. I got my dream job at 41 yrs. old. I can't wait to see what's next.
Your thirties will be the time of your life! Enjoy!

DonnaC said...

And your 50s will be even better!

Elena Knits said...

30 something is still a very good place :)

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about this year and the 30s and I can't agree more with you. We are strong, we can do everything we want!