Friday, January 03, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jan Cullen
Blog: Colour Adventures and Knitting Adventures
Rav ID: JanHarvey
Some Great Designs: JanHarvey's Rav Designer Page

Let's start off 2014 with some cool hats!

Here's the High Line Hat (pictured). Unisex, great lines. Nice quick knit. I dig! Check out the pattern page on ravelry. There's a bunch of different ages and genders wearing this hat, and in a number of different ways. I love how a simple piece can be so versatile.

A friend's having a baby. You have to make a gift, last minute. But you only have small bits of stashed yarn?! The Scrappy Baby Hat flies in for the rescue! A cute little topper for a teeny little human.  Plus it's free!

And here's another child's hat, Girls Lacy Sun Hat. It might not be hot in the northern hemisphere, but I haven't forgotten about our southern hemisphere pals! Here's a quick little knit for you, suitable to the season :)

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