Thursday, December 05, 2013

Flowers in the Winter: Calavera Catrina Bonnet

I just love seeing people's FOs from patterns that I've designed.

In October 2012 I independently published Ghosts, an ebook inspired by those very phenomena and associated cultural ideas surrounding their creation, perception, and existence.

One of my favourite patterns from that collection is Calavera Catrina, a be-flowered bonnet that's perfect for keeping your head and ear warm during those chilly times of year.

Here's a few people's FOs.

Threadpanda's Dead Man's Party

I LOVE the project name :)
On her blog post about this project, Threadpanda raises a very good point about bonnets: they cover your ears and still allow you to see! I have this same issue with hats. So bonnets all the way!

TooManyBooks' Calavera Catrina

I like the change in flowers! While this may have been a yarn-remnants-strategic move, it replicates the spirit of the pattern.

kangath's Elegant Skull

Again, awesome name! I really like the yarn colour she chose here. With yarn running short while she knit, a few flowers had to be sacrificed. But I like it! Three instead of five flowers is lovely.
She's also a great designer; check out her stuff!

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Hilary said...

These are so awesome! One day, one day I will add my own Calavera Catrina to the mix...