Friday, December 06, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Cathy Rubin
Blog: The Barbarian Horde
Rav ID: cathyrubin
Some Great Designs: cathyrubin's Rav Designer Page

Looking for fun knits for kids? Here ya go!

Belle (pictured) is one of the prettiest kid's scarf I've ever seen. (well, it's really for any age, but it's nice to see it modeled on a child! Very stylin!) :)

Sweet Penny is sized for a variety of ages, and comes from a lovely pattern collection celebrating sisters. See more pieces from this collection here.

A little love, a hooded scarf is a wonderfully functional little piece (though this one can be for adults too! Just imagine how much warmer you'd be with a hood/scarf combo!

Finally, here's Snugglegs. So cute! Legwarmers for babies to toddlers to children. I mean, the pattern is adorable, but I'm equally taken by the cute name :)

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