Thursday, August 08, 2013

Reclaimed: Thick Chill is Live!

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New pattern ahoy!
This one's been under wraps for what feels like ages, and now I get to share my excitement with you!

Reclaimed is Knit Picks' new Fall 2013 Collection. All the 15 new patterns focus on transition; those first moments of autumn that peek in to your late summer. When your mind turns to sweaters and scarves and all forms of the knitted warmth that you'll be making and needing in the coming months.

My pattern in Reclaimed is Thick Chill, a fun, quick, warm knit that is worked up on huge needles (that's US 15 / 10 mm, people!). Cowl/hoods are some of my favourite cold-weather accessories. Very useful: they keep you warm, they're adaptable, and they can cover your head and leave you without hat-hair (my priorities are straight, ya'll).

One of my favourite things about Thick Chill is the gauge: 9 stitches to 4 inches! Oh yeah! That's the beauty of Wool of the Andes Bulky held double. Lovely thick fabric, that collects and hugs around your neck and shoulders in a lovely, sculptural way.

You can buy the pattern individually for $4.99 here.
There's the option of buying with the yarn in a kit, and getting yourself all 15 of the beautiful patterns in Reclaimed in ebook or hardcopy form.

Check it out on ravelry.


flossieKNITS said...

I think you mean 9 sts to 4 in—love this accessory!

Unknown said...

Is a beatiful work !

Julie said...

so lovely!! looks so cozy and perfect for fall.