Monday, August 12, 2013

Tons Happening; And Here's a Quilt

Lots of news on the blog lately! And the fun's not gonna stop, people.

Hinterland still has its Autumn and Winter editions, and I have another pattern or two waiting in the wings to debut.

I still love to load myself up with projects galore. In my personal non-knitting news, I've decided that my crafty supply hoarding has been going on for far too long, and it's about time I put all the lovely things I've been collecting over the years to good use.

To that end: all my friends better watch out, there's handmade gifts coming your way (they're the best kind! Full of love and stuff!).

First up is one of my good friend's birthday gift1.

I got this quilt done in about, mmm, a week. It was a lot of fun. I had to restrain myself from tweeting endlessly about how much I wanted to get home and sew it.

The little herringbone pattern is easy. For a lazy quilter like me, it's very nice to have pieces that are all the same size and shape to cut out (save for flipping the fabric upside-down to get the reverse side of the chevron).

This whole making-a-quilt-in-a-week thing will likely continue. I have about four friends with birthdays in August, about five in September, three October birthdays, four November ones, and a couple in December. I seem to cluster all my family and friends around the last half of the year. What's with that?!

1 Today is her actual birthday. So happy birthday Val!


Denise said...

I know what you mean about starting something new. I've just bought the yarn for a afghan! Still doing the toe up socks, and another pair of socks as well. lol

Hilary said...

Ok, so ignore the question I just asked you via email. :) Yay for more of Hinterland!!

And that quilt is AWESOME. I want to get back into sewing soooo badly, but have neither a workspace set up, nor my sewing machine (I think my mom has it?). Must fix this asap!

Anonymous said...

I am completely in love with your quilt! My first passion was sewing, and to date I've only made one (very pathetic) quilt for my first daughter. Yours is amazing and what a lucky friend you have!

Glad things are going well in your corner of the world. You might just make me bust out those fabric scraps... Hugs to you!