Friday, June 14, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ambah O'Brien
Blog: Ambah: confessions of a serial crafter
Rav ID: ambahobrien
Some Great Designs: Ambah's Rav Designer Page

So, here's the problem: you love the knittings, but you hate the heat?
Well, this week's designer has a great wee pattern for you!

Look at Petarli.  Uniting some of the most happy things about knitting and yet, being knittable and wearable in this summery summery heat. It's so pretty! But, Ambah has a selection of other pretties to check out.

Magine is a pretty shawl/scarf. Delicate and geometric.

Billo is for those cooler times of year. Again, it has a very nice geometric texture, structured on a simple (unisex) knit cap.

Elinya is the last one I'll point out to you today. It's another lovely shawl, but this time large and cozy. I love that pretty picot border!


Julie said...

Ooh, very cool designs! I love the Billo hat, but that Petarli necklace is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Those necklaces are really clever.