Monday, June 03, 2013

Elbie is Famous!; Or, Embarrass the Bird in June

The War of 1812 is big news around my locale. They've been bigging it up since last year, as from 2012-2014 it's the bicentenary of the war itself.

Here you see Elbie as a British red coat, defending British North America from invaders!
In particular, he's placed in the Battle of Stoney Creek, fought on June 6, 1813. It was a turning point in the war, and significant win for the British.

May, as Indie!
April, as the WWI fighter pilot Billy Bishop.
March, as a sea captain.
February, as a debonair monsieur.
January, as a Bavarian.

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Anonymous said...

I love his dapper uniform. Elbie is an officer and a gentleman!