Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Organizing is Fun!; Or, Hexagon Polish

A while ago I regaled you with my polish collection and its unwieldy strength being tamed by a good notebook and numbering system.

Well, it did occur to me that there was a flaw in that notebook system: I couldn't see all the polish swatches at once, and couldn't easily compare them to each other for the mixing and matching I so like to do.

Here's a couple of my solutions.

Solution one: make it like a picture.

This is just a random, pretty, oval frame I had kicking around.
I simply counted the number of polishes in the collection, drew out a map (to make sure they'd all fit on the page), and dripped one drop per bottle onto the paper.
I now regret adding the names of the polish in there. My printing is so terrible, it makes the whole thing look messy.

Solution two: magnets ahoy!

I'm much more pleased with this one.

Step 1: Get cheap or otherwise useless cookies sheet.
Step 2: Buy some small magnets, or better yet, that magnet tape stuff.
Step 3: Using white cardboard, cut out all the little hexagons.
Step 4: Swatch away!
Step 5: Attach magnets to back of hexagons.
Step 6: Write name/number of polish on back of hexagon for easy reference.

Voila! I think I'd like to display it on the wall somewhere. Have it as an "art" piece.


kingshearte said...

I like that a lot! It also strikes me as a more practical solution anyway, since — I'm going out on a limb here — I imagine you'll want to continue to expand your collection every so often (not to mention the fact that sometimes you actually run out of a colour), and the magnet system seems more flexible. Unless I'm missing something about the first one, it seems like you'd have to redo the whole thing every time there was a change to your collection, and that's just not practical.

flossieKNITS said...

I LOVE your magnet system—such a cool idea! I don't have that much nail polish, but now I wish I did!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. Looks great on the wall to boot!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much I love both of these ideas. I want to make them right now!!! The hexagons are especially awesome as an art piece!

Gelic said...

This was so cool and a fun way to display the polishes, just like art! <3