Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Happenings 2012; Or, I Get my Costume On

It's not *all* about Ghosts around here!
As the focus of that ebook implies, I love me my Halloween.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.

This past week has been filled with me furiously bedecking my home and making plans for my annual party.

A glimpse of the front lawn.

The backyard's been taken over too!

My living room has a few decorations arranged so far, but I have plans to make a bat mobile as well.
If it goes swimmingly, I'll have to share that with ya'll.

But the most time consuming project's been my gown.
It's from the Simplicity's 2589 Misses Tudor Gown pattern.
I'm going as Anne Boleyn, as has become my tradition, getting all English queen-y n' stuff.

My boyfriend has the distinct possibility of being a dead-ringer for Henry VIII, which is truthfully the main reason I decided to Boleyn it up this year.
I may be jinxing myself, but I'm hoping to have his costume as the murderous king completed in time for the party as well (that is, I have a grand total of nine days to get this done. Yikes).

Ok ok, I'll be fine (I think). I just have to, you know, make it from scratch and stuff. It's not easy to find an (affordable) man's Henry VIII costume pattern out there. Even with the entire English-speaking internet at my disposal.

I have a back up plan: if I fail (which is a distinct possibility, I tell you), I just might go as my very own Calavera Catrina (aka, sugar skull. See AWESOME makeup tutorial here.)
The boyfriend? Not sure what he'll do. I'll come up with something. Or, you know, not fail at making his Henry VIII costume.

I've also been pinning like my pants are on fire.  Watch my antics here. My favourite pins so far: I must try this glow in the dark icing, and creepy corpse cocoons.

Do you have any favourite Halloween decorations, crafts, snacks, treats, costumes and the like? Let me know! I want to make this party a-rockin.

I leave you with a pic of the cool and creepy eye-ball lights that're currently glowing in the bushes.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love you Anne Boleyn pattern choice. Anne is one of my favourite historical figures!

Unknown said...

I am so sad I can't make it this year...sad and mad...a feeling I call ragepression.
But I hope it goes smooth and you all have fun! I love your blog :)

Unknown said...

Just remember: no one can see the inside of the costume, so if you need to cut corners, start there. Unfinished seam allowances still hold together just fine!