Friday, October 12, 2012

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Hilary Hunt
Rav Group: Purls of Wisdom
Rav ID: PurlStudio
Some Great Designs: PurlStudio's Rav Designer Page

Want a pretty, quick little knit?
You need to check out PurlStudio.

I'll limit myself to two patterns today: checking out her designer page on ravelry is a treat!

First is the pictured The Organic Shrug. First off, this is free! And so cute! I think it's very wearable. I love the texture and the weight of the yarn.

She hits the same fantastic note with The Organic Mushroom hat. Again, this is a free pattern (hint hint: may I suggest a last minute gift for your fashionable family and friends? We certainly are entering the last-minute gifting season!) It uses a heavier weight yarn, and employes a simple lace stitch to make for an interesting slouchy hat.

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