Monday, November 28, 2011

YearLong YarnSong: November

And now it's finally time for the third installment of my year-long ebook project!

Here's November.

Spiced Heads and Dead Leaves
Spiced Heads and Dead Leaves is a slouchy lace toque. Worked entirely in a Fir Cone Lace pattern, this hat has a subtle loveliness that’ll make a breezy November day just that bit warmer!
one size

Spiced Heads and Dead Leaves - on rav

To The Ground

To the Ground are a pair of over-the-knee legwarmers with a delightful bit of slouch at the bottom.
Beautiful yarn is shown off wonderfully with this simple 2-stripe repeat.

Sizing: there aren’t any standard sizes for legs/legwarmers, so this pattern contains two sizes. Everyone has different legs! I’m very happy to help anyone change up sizing if necessary.

To the Ground - on rav

Garden Cover
Garden Cover is a warm, simple shift dress that is universally flattering and available in a varying size range.
Listed are sizes S-XL; this in fact covers the CYC standards for sizing from XS up to XXXL. Due to the oversized fit of the dress, each size range is covered under these four sizes.

Garden Cover - on Rav

Season's End
Season’s End is a colourwork yoked mini sweater. This piece is just the right size to use up some extra, lovely yarn you have left from another project. For an adding bit of warmth on an increasingly chilly November, Season’s End will serve the purpose well!

XS(28-30") to XXXL (52-54")

Season's End - on rav


Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the dress and the minisweater! (I mean, I love it all, but those are my faves.) You are a master with colorwork -- that yoke is amazing!

Julie said...

Amazing November collection!! I love those legwarmers, they look so perfect for the winter ahead to pull on when wearing a dress or skirt.