Friday, November 04, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: MMario
Website Group: MMario KKnits
Rav ID: MMario
Some Great Designs: MMario's Rav Designer Page

I gasped and gasped again when I came upon MMario's wonderful designs.

Unbelievably, there are quite a number of beautiful pieces that are free!

First I'll point out the Uhura shawl (pictured). This intricate triangle shawl looks like the lace is dancing, the alignment of yarn overs and solid areas make for a vibrating and eye-catching knit.

Out of Cheese is another free shawl; a different shape this time, the large hexagon with its central detail and intricate wide edging looks fantastic draped over one's shoulders.

A cape: St. Jacques demonstrates MMario's great skill in lace design. I'm really quite amazed at the range of shapes he's able to skillfully create. He has over 80 designs. It's unreal.

And finally, a bit of whimsy, the Lobster Quadrille shawl. How cool is that? A lobster in lace!


MystickLobo said...

Actually he has over 600 designs, just that most aren't tested to HIS satisfaction yet. So, aren't on Ravelry. His Yahoo Group is working our fastest to get them all tested for him.

vtknitboy said...

mmario rocks! his spanish armada, queen anne's lace & limberlost trails r tops! i'm doing the limberlost trails square version in handdyed merino/silk blend. i have th others on a list to do later! i'm vtknitboy on rav

Sampras_5 said...

Amazing! Queuing and favourite-ing now! :)

Katt said...

I'm working on the first test knit of his Brain Coral pattern.... really hoping that once I finish it, I'll have a brain again! In any event, I'm going to have a lovely shawl.