Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventures in Apple Butter

My dad has a farm out in the boonies. Beautiful, beautiful boonies. (funfact: it's the location for the photos for the September YearLong YarnSong).

This farm has a great little orchard, from which he's kindly collected some apples and pears for me this year.

Once again, I'm on a mission to make my house smell amazing, and make some apple butter!

Since these are organically raised apples (read: not sprayed, and basically left to fend for themselves...) many of them were, let's say, less-than-photogenic. Under the surface peel, though, lay delicious, delicious apple meat :)

My dad tends to do things thoroughly, and when I asked for "some apples", he brought be about 4 barrels full.
So merrily I went on, peeling and slicing away.

I love the hours of cooking involved with making apple butter. That might sound a bit off, but really, I like tending to the simmer pot of sweetness, watching it thicken and darken, always amazed at how much it reduces, and pleasantly soothed by the wonderful scent in the house.


This was, of course, only a fraction of the many, many apples I had waiting to be cooked. Let me tell you, I have apple butter to last a life time now.

Anyone want some?



Julie said...

Oooohhhh, amazing!! I love apple butter (and apple sauce, and apple pies) and imperfect, local and organic apples are amazing, I bet they'll have fantastic flavour. Lucky you!

love2stitch said...

Apple butter sounds super-yummy. IF I'd live closer I'd stop by for a few jars!

Denise said...

Me. Me Love apple butter!