Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Last Bit o'Halloween: The Sweet Stuff

I've just located some last little pics from Halloween.

For the party, I wanted to give people a special bit of something sweet in their goody bag.
Of course, I looked to Martha for some great ideas.

These are some yummy and cool looking skull cookies, seen here.
I switched up the recipe, and just made a basic sugar cookie with some cocoa thrown in for colour.

Incidentally, you never realize just how stick marshmallows are until you try to cut them up with scissors. Nightmare! After just 2 cuts, they gum up the blades and you've got to either slog though the mess, or spend the time cleaning up and wiping dry the scissors between each couple of cookies!

So worth it, though. They looked cool and were defo yummy.

Now, on to the next holiday!


Hilary said...

OMG. Cutest. Cookies. Ever.

Julie said...

those look amazing!! and delicious. I bet it's like sushi- you probably have to wipe the blades of the scissors each time. totally time consuming. plus, tea towel covered in marshmallow goo.

Kai said...

Aaaarrrrggghhhh cookie monster!! :D Love them.