Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween: Oh How I Love Thee. Party Time!

I thought perhaps before it gets too late, I should post about my Halloween party!

Here's me costume. It turned out mostly alright. I was quite happy with the belt, but still didn't get the hang of sewn in sleeves (thanks to my blogless friend Krista for taking these pics!)


Some of the mucho sugar that populated the party.
After that evening I was like a desperate soul, begging people to take some food! So much food. Food that lasted for days and days!
Note: next year, invite more people. Threaten them if they don't take lots of munchies away with them.


Which pumpkin would you vote for? I had a few prizes and draws: best carved pumpkin was one of them.
FYI, the winning pumpkin was the one at the bottom right. It was actually tied with the pumpkin on the upper right.
I carved the one that looks like windows, sitting on the ground there. It actually wasn't finished. It was supposed to have a carved vulture sitting inside it, à la Martha here.

Just flame, no heat: this was a part of the backyard. The plan had been to have my patio heater there all set up and good to warm all the becostumed partygoers as they enjoyed the clear October evening. Didn't work out quite like that. The heater looked awfully cool, but didn't really heat so well.

So very much looking forward to next year. What should I be? Hmmm.....


Julie said...

looks like it was an amazing party!! your costume is incredible, and I'm blown away by all those pumpkins.

Hilary said...

I LOVE your costume! The party sounds like a blast -- great idea with the pumpkin carving! I would have voted for your window pumpkin...very cool idea, even without the vulture.