Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oiseau Wednesday

While it's a bit difficult to see, here is Henry and Anne's wee clutch of baby birds. They're about a week old, and are beginning to grow tiny feathers on their tiny wings.
Anne had laid five eggs, but only three hatched.
Two of the little ones are thriving; one of them is... well... I'm a bit concerned for the poor thing. It's much smaller than its siblings, and keeps (falling out of? getting kicked out of?) the nest. I've had to replace the small bird back into its home about three or four times.
I figure, if this tiny baby lives another week, it'll make it to adulthood.1
Fingers crossed!!
1If this little one survives, and is a boy, I have to name him Edward :)


LittleCanoe said...

Oh my gosh, soooo cute! I hope the little guy makes it!

Susan said...

Team Edward all the way!

Kit said...

Why do you have to name it Edward?

Erin Heather said...

Baby birds! That's completely awesome and cute.

Anna said...

So cute! *high-pitched noises*

Teresa said...

Hi Kitsune!
I'd have to name him Edward because his mother and father finch are Henry and Anne (of King Henry fame). King Henry finally had a son, but unfortunately, the kid was sickly and died young.
So, hopefully that doesn't happen to my little Eddie!