Friday, May 27, 2011

Indie Designer Revisited

PhotobucketDesigner: Heidi Kirrmaier
Rav ID: PiPiBird
Some Great Designs: PiPiBird's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: June 12, 2009

A lot can happen in two years. So many great designs, and I wonder where to start!

Pictured is one of PiPiBird's latest designs, Vitamin D. As many of you may know, I'm a big proponent of negative ease; and so my admiration of PiPiBird's designs may surprise you, as she proclaims that she is a proponent of postitive ease! I love her note, here:
I generally like positive ease, and many of my current designs are intended to fit somewhat loosely. It has become apparent to me that I may be in the minority in this regard - we seem to be in an era of ‘fitted’ knits, which in part I believe is a reaction to wanting to avoid repeating some of the ill-fitting knits of the past. Fair enough :) However, when I look at today’s fashions, I see a lot of loose fitting pieces, and personally find that a flattering fit does not need to equate to form fitting. Skimming a few body parts rather than hugging every curve is still fitted to me. The nature of the yarn also has to work, and a fabric with a little drape tends to work best and avoids bulkiness when there is some positive ease. Of course the ideal amount of ease varies by design as well.
Big quote - but I love it! And there's more to read on her designer page, linked in the list above.

Now, onto some more of her beautiful work!

Here's a pretty pocketed cardigan, Atelier. Worked from the top-down in one piece, not only does its wearability make my heart flutter, the seamlessness makes my fingers want to knit it now now now!

Igloo is a dress - a nice, simple one, with the wonderful functionality of keeping you good and warm in the cold months, but also with the added bonus of pockets (not sure I've mentioned this, but I'm a wayhugebig fan of pocketed dresses. It's one of the unexplainable bits and bobs about my fashion crushes).

See next Space Girl, a variable top-down constructed sweater (instructions included for both long- and short-sleeved versions). I love PiPiBird's use of texture in this piece.

Finally I'll point out a cardigan she's designed for my recent beloved yarn company, madelinetosh. Check out fall away cardigan, done in a beautiful blue shade of pashmina. This piece has all the hallmarks of a PiPiBird design, with lovely, simple construction and that fantastic use of positive ease.

Please check out her designer page - there's so much more there to see!


Erin Kate said...

Great feature! Such pretty designs. :)

meredith MC said...

I'm also in love with her Half-Moon Cardi and summer solstice cardi. So pretty!
I love that you feature indie designers. Thank you!

isa k. said...

she is a genius! love all of her designs!