Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oiseau Wednesday

More bird content!

Here's Anne and Henry's babies at two weeks old. Awww, so ugly (still!)
They've opened their eyes and are growing feathers at this point, so I can already see that one of the fledglings takes after Anne, and another after Henry. Little Eddie is still several days behind the others in development, but is being fed and still seems strong (as a little bird can be).

I love their little frowny faces!


Susan said...

I'm glad the little one is still hanging in there.

Kathleen Dames said...

Congratulations on your avian babies - can't wait until they get feathers :)

yoel said...

So sweet!

A baby bird fell out of a nest into our yard yesterday... we dug around and fed it 4 worms (I know, crazy) and hoped it would be able to summon its parents to help. (That is what the baby bird who fell out of the tree last year did, and survived!). Sadly this one had a broken leg/toe and did not make it. All the while I was thinking "I need CanarySanctuary's help!"