Friday, May 13, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Loredana Gianferri
Etsy Shop: Unique Creazioni
Rav ID: lorelostintheusa
Some Great Designs: lorelostintheusa's Rav Designer Page

I'm in the mood for pretty shawls, and this week's indie designer does pretty shawls very well!

Pictured right you see Spighe di Grano, a beautiful piece that makes great use of simple texture to create interest (and show off that fantastic hank of tone-on-tone variegated yarn you have hanging out in your stash!)

Check out this lovely piece, her The Three Sisters: LORE. Another great example of texture-to-create-beauty, depth and movement abound in this simply constructed accessory.

Finally I'll point you to I Want You, a lace-trimmed shawl done up in a wonderful array of examples on the pattern page. From light and delicate to bold and colourful, this knit does well with incredibly varied yarn colours and types.


Hilary said...

Ok, this is going to be a major catch-up comment (I've been reading every day, but mostly on my phone while feeding the baby, which makes commenting difficult). You've been up to so much!! How cool that you're getting into birding and also growing your own little birdies! They are so teeny and amazing.

Erin Kate said...

Great feature!!