Thursday, May 05, 2011

Colourful Words

As I believe ya'll know, I'm a sucker for cool words and the fascinating intricacies of the English language.
I've pointed in the direction of the Phrontistry in the past, but I thought I'd play a fun game this time:
there's a neato list of rarely used colour words.
I chose a couple favourite and googled them to find the first image that comes up on the search.
Here's my results:



Isabelline is "greyish yellow". That bird up the appeared on the top of the search likely due to the fact that it's a Isabelline Shrike.

The second colour I chose, coquelicot, is a brilliant, poppy red. Hence the poppy.

Wanna play too? It's fun!


Astrante said...

coquelicot is actually the french for poppy, so it is just normal that the first result should be a poppy.
It's also used in french to designate the colour "rouge coquelicot", but I didn't know it was also a colour word in english !

Diana Troldahl said...

Love that site!