Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Chicken, the Bustle and Me

My local museum's olde-timey dress up day is fast becoming an annual event for me!
Remember that dress I referenced back in this here posty?
The day for the gown has come and gone, and it was a fantastic one!

Here's photographic evidence of the fun:
First of all, chickens. Very friendly chickens, very chill too. I made friends with both of them. You'll see in a pic below :)

Here we have Tic Tac the mixed breed sheep. Born in February, this babe was sweet and very single-minded. It was all about grass (and somewhat about my knitting basket!)

Here be me and Spot the chicken. She was so relaxed that, as you may be able to see, she fell asleep on my lap. I also had a bit of fun playing with the photo editor!

And here's the final product! What you can't see are all the pins I have holding the jacket in (with my minimal sewing experience, I didn't realize the pattern was about 2" too big for me!), nor can you see the craptastic hemming job I did along the bottom edge of the skirt.
I am rather happy with the (21!!!) buttons on the jacket. As was Spot, incidentally. She had a great time pecking away at them.

Now that the major sewing project has been completed, I'm hoping to be able to share with you some of the loads of knitting I've been working on!


juicyknits said...

Oh my, you look so stunning in that dress! And it is so amazing that you actually sew it yourself. Love it!

Julie said...

oh WOW!!! I had to click on the link to backtrack a bit since I had missed the post you did saying you were going to sew this, but it looks incredible!! what an amazing outfit. You look pretty as a picture, as always.

kingshearte said...

Nice job, lady! You're really putting me to shame over my continued failure to actually finish one simple a-line dress...

You look fantastic, and the whole thing just looks like fun.

Jane Richmond said...

Teresa the dress is beyond fantastic! I love it!!!

Hilary said...

Also? This dress? Amazing! It's absolutely gorgeous and you look absolutely gorgeous in it!