Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drop Spindle and a Day in Costume

I've maintained that I need no further reasons/excuses to compile heaps and hoards of crafting accoutrement, but this Saturday saw me get bitten by the spinning bug.
Here you see me, with my sad and silly little attempt at spinning.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in a "historic day" of sorts - an event held by one of the local museums I work for, wherein they have folks dressed up in costume, performing historic tasks (of which spinning and knitting are one!)
You know, of course, this is an opportunity I would jump at. Playing dress up for a beautiful afternoon? Yes please!

They even had some delicious scones and jam for us all to nibble on - these being the BEST scones I've ever had! I've been promised the recipe. If this ever passes into my hungry little hands, I'll be sure to post it :)Photobucket

A few days ago I got the rather exciting phone message that I would be "situated with the spinners, next to the sheep, ducks and rabbits".

It takes a special breed of person to be excited by this news.

And I was ├╝ber excited when I found out that these were no ordinary bunnies. I saw me some famous rabbitry (the stars of the Telus commercials!) as well as a pair of angoras, one of whom was kind enough to pose for the camera.

Tofu, seen right, is an English Angora - a show bunny, thank you very much!

And yes indeed, the spinners next to me were spinning with some of Tofu's donated fur.


The sweet wee duckies (who's breed I have sadly forgotten) were not as inclined to pose, but damn if they aren't totally cute.

Incidentally, it was a self-made, first-sewn garment that I wore on the day (of which I have no presentable photographs). It was supposed to be my Halloween costume for last year, but I chickened out in the end (thinking I'd be the only one dressed up at the party).
It's a Regency-style dress, not really all that historically accurate, but easy enough to sew. I felt oh-so-Austen.

Hope you all had a happy weekend too!


Lindsay said...

I love dressing up historically for the day! Used to do it every once in awhile in high school for civil war reenactments and Renaissance Faire.

Such good company you had, too!

Julie said...

that's so awesome!! I love that you were near the ducks and rabbits. Definitely a reason to get excited! :)

Hilary said...

How fun!! Bunnies, scones, dress-up, and spinning?! Sounds like a perfect day, if you ask me! But I want to see your outfit!!

Susan said...

Careful. That is very addicting! lol. My roommate has been hooked for a while now.

A really great complimentary craft for knitters.

Ellen said...

Aw, those ducks are too cute!
And I was excited to see that you've been up to some spinning! :)