Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sometimes You Can't Explain Inspiration

Why's there a picture of a bloody, sweaty and arrow-wielding Russell Crowe appearing on this blog? Believe it or not, I do have more than one reason.1

Last night I went to see Robin Hood. I wasn't disappointed - especially since I had something of a eureka-knitterly-inspiration moment while sitting there feasting on the visual delights of said film.

As the characters travel through the beautiful, lushly green English countryside, a great panoramic shot reveals to the viewer grand rolling hills, one adorned with the image of a graceful white horse.
Something about that white horse captured me. As soon as I saw it, a design sprang fully formed into my mind, along with three words: White Horse Hill.2 It sounded so musical!
But what was the connection between pattern, words and image?

My designing system doesn't usually function like this - but I'm going to have to leave the mystery of this inspiration alone for the moment. I'm so excited about this knit, my brain keeps buzzing about it.

Remember, only a few days ago when I posted about my new lovely Madeline Tosh sock yarn? Well, it's found a purpose!
I hope to have some more details coming very soon. Suffice it to say, I'll be winding some lovely blue yarn and knitting like crazysauce over the next few days!

1I've recently come to realize a couple truths about myself.
a) My movie genre, like it or not, is almost anything based in an historic time period. Extra points if it's a romance, or at the very least got a hottie in it.
b) I find "historic role" Russell Crowe to be hot. The more ancient the time period, the hotter, it seems. Hm.

2 For any of my British readers, I'm sure you immediately recognized the reference (as well as anyone more greatly educated in England's history than I!) Obviously, the first thing I did when I got home was google the terms, to mediocre success. None of the (very lovely) white horses looked like the one in the film.
My conclusion? I'm still scoobied as to why they put that particular white horse in the film, rather than the other white horse which, I believe, is the one associated with the county where King John met with his barons.


Ellen said...

So excited to see what you're coming up with! I love the different and unexpected ways inspiration can come about :)

Discount coupons said...

Its mine first review of Robin Hood and i really like it.. good going.

Hilary said...

Oh, I love hearing about your inspiration and am excited to see where it leads! And I didn't realize it before, but I completely agree with you about "historic role" Russell (that also totally cracked me up, btw). My fave is definitely Maximus/Gladiator. :) (Of course, I do also have a total weakness for dudes in togas and/or Roman centurion gear!)

Sally said...

This white horse is in the town where I work -
When it snowed this year we had a pupil break a bone sliding down it!

The chalk figures really are something. I think a knitting pattern inspired by them will look awesome.