Friday, February 06, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Hanna Breetz
Blog: Ever Green Knits
Website: Eco-Friendly Knitting
Rav ID: evergreenknits
Some Great Designs: evergreenknits' Rav Designer Page

I enjoy when designers talk about some of their influences. Take evergreenknit's Woodland Collar (pictured here). Informed by the texture of tree bark, this neckwarmer is a lovely combination of garter and cables. I love his quote about the knit itself:
"It uses the gaps created by the cable crossings as buttonholes, so that you can creatively button it at different places to vary the look and functionality."
Informative and inspiring and I like the practicality!

Storm Cloud Shawlette was the design which first brought my attention to evergreenknits. A floaty, dreamy and very pretty way to keep one's shoulders warm! (her blog has some lovely photography!)

As you might have noticed, I like creatures of the feathered kind. Thus I couldn't write her profile without drawing your attention to this sweet knit, Quack - Knitted Duck Toy. Just take a look, and *grin*.

And for your educational pleasure, I suggest checking out her site Eco-Friendly Knitting. Here's a wee description of what you'll find there

Green Values: reviews the different qualities that can mean 'green'
Green Fibers: talks about the environmental impact of different fibers

Yarn Chart: provides some basic eco-info for over 100 different yarns

Resources: points you towards books and websites with more information


Susan said...

That is really nice. What a great and creative design!

Hilary said...

I love her idea for the buttonhole - so clever!! And I am in love with the Storm Cloud Shawlette. Thanks for pointing me in her direction!

Poethead said...

Another great find!