Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Canary On Yarn

PhotobucketTurns out the best kind of canaries and the best kinds of yarn make an adorable couple, though perhaps not a happy one.

Here you see Butters, the unfortunate fowl who was chosen as subject for my evening-time amusement.

On an unseasonably warm and rainy Wednesday, I thought I could bring you a dose of funtimes.

~Linkys with Randomness Connextions to Funtimes~ qualifies for the funtimes because it allows you to create your own login and "Lookbook", archiving your fashionistical tastes.

Etymology Online has edified me personally in regards to the lovely English language and how freakin1 weird it is.

1. 1563, "sudden turn of mind," probably related to O.E. frician "to dance". See more by following the link! You like shoes, you like here. is fairly self-explanatory. Though I will add that sometimes it's very fun to just shop by colour.

(speaking of which...) Colour Lovers can play and have funtimes at COLOURlovers. Mood enhancement 101.

Some day I'd like to own a dog. Until that day, I have the Dog Breed Selector at Animal Planet (the best one I've ever come across!)


Susan said...

Great pic! Nice color combo....hmmmmm - new ideas for color work. lol.

Emily Scott Banks said...

Have you been to and yet?? More awesome fun! Although, considering the addictive properties of polyvore, you may not actually thank me. ;)

Hilary said...

Online Etymology Dictionary, where have you been my whole life?!?! Honestly, I do not know how I have lived so long without that tool. Thank you so much for sharing all the linkiness! Funtimes indeed.