Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Herringbone Love

PhotobucketCurrently WIPed are a pair of armwarmers I'm affectionately calling "Herringbone Slouch". Here they lay in the mini-project basket. I fell in yarn-love with the Mission Falls 136 on my last trip to a semi-local yarn store, and picked up just one ball of each colour, not knowing what exactly they'd become.

The yarn is wonderfully soft. I'm dreaming of a whole sweater of Mission Falls now!

And, hopefully before Persephone makes her triumphant return, I will actually have one of my two neglected fair-isle sweaters completed.

I don't know what it is, but I'm clearly on a colour-work kick.

And I have plans for more. Oh yes... Knit Picks' Palette yarn is turning my mind-crank.


Ellen said...

These look really cute! Colourwork is definitely a lot of fun. :)

Susan said...

I really have enjoyed the small amount of color work that I've done. I don't blame you!

Anonymous said...

i think i'm getting back into colourwork... but beginning with some simple stripes ;D

herringbone armwarmers sound awesome!

Hilary said...

I can already tell -- those are going to be fantastic!

Team Knit said...

ooh, love the browns you chose- it's like a bysection of wood!

- Julie

LittleCanoe said...

I adore herringbone! I can't wait to see the finished product. I've sort of been on the same kick lately. It's a good thing.