Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello November; Or, I Guess I'm Refreshulated Now


Pattern: Gaets
Yarn: Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 ply (almost 2 full hanks)

I first thought of this pattern months ago - the name actually came from some graffiti that I walk
Photobucketpast everyday on my way to work. Doesn't mean anything, just kinda looked cool. It was very pretty graffiti too. Nice cursive handwriting.

Things that I like about this one: the yarn! Fleece Artist strikes again with another new favourite for me.
I also enjoy the fact that the buttons are a pretty close match, and my fledgling attempts at lace designage seem to have turned out alright.
I'm rather surprised with myself, in that the weird thick/thinness of the collar actually turned out the way I wanted it to. It's a combination of decreasing and short-row shaping.

What I'm not too thrilled about:
I still have a long way to go in my learnins' of the proper shaping for sleeve caps. These ones seem to have turned out a bit square.
I also made the buttonhole a bit large, and so have to sew them up so the buttons don't keep popping open!

I must admit, I like it better from the back.
PhotobucketI'm not sure if I prefer the "buttoned-up-all-the-way" look or the "half-buttoned-up" look. Either way, I can see myself getting some definite usage out of this little knit.

I did keep notes on this one, and it may be patterned-up, if people wish. As stated above, the sleeve-cap shaping is not good, but I think greater minds than mind can prevail over what would be the poorly written and certainly misguided directions.
In other news:
Monday will bring a new, month-long giveaway, so stay tuned if you like winning free gear!


Anonymous said...

I'm a newish reader to your blog, but I want to say, that sweater is adorable! I would love a pattern for it. (I'm half inclined to reverse engineer it myself, and start knitting right now... it's that loverly!)

I especially love the back, and the neckline. Such beautiful attention to detail.

juicyknits said...

Great to see you back! Your sweater/cardi is lovely (as all of your patterns).

Ellen said...

What a great piece! I love the look of the back, very cute.
I'd definitely put the pattern into my queue! :)

Valerie said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I especially love what you did to the neckline.

petra said...

This is adorable! Great design! And I love the color!

Carol said...

It looks lovely. I didn't notice sleeve caps till you said somehting and I still think they look fine.

andrea said...

Suuuuuper cute! I love it; you did an awesome job! I can't wait to see some other ones on Ravelry (if you publish the pattern)!

maramae said...

Okay...I just have to tell you what an admirer I am of your patterns and your blog. Your so very talented and I so appreciate your sharing your fabulous patterns :) Oh,,,and this sweater is GREAT! I would so be interested in the pattern. Hiccups and all. Thanks again,

särmä said...

What a wonderful little sweater, I love it:)

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say that I really like your work. You have nice style.

Kai said...

It's stunning! I love, love, love the colour and the design is fab! :)

Auglaise said...

Very rarely do I see something and immediately want to go buy the yarn to cast on - I adore this jumper, and would most definitely buy the pattern (as soon as physically possible) if you wrote it up. It's gorgeous!

LittleCanoe said...

I love the color. What a great design. Can't wait to try it out!

Bridget said...

I'm also new here, and I think the sweater looks fantastic! I hope you will wear it in good health.

Hilary said...

Welcome back! I am loving your new sweater -- great color, neat lace pattern, and the front collar rocks. Your necklace is awesome, too!

Susan said...

Glad to read a post! The mini cardi is adorable. Great color and very cute back design.

adrienne said...

Oh, that's super cute! I've just started a hat with Woolie Silk, and it's so nice to knit with!

Unraveling Sophia said...

Can't wait for the pattern! You're so good with necklines (and we like the same style in sweaters!). BTW - in the first picture, your cup of tea looks HUGE!!! and it's making me crave a cup of tea!

Kayell Arts said...

I've only JUST got caught up on the blogs I'm subscribed to... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little cardi. It's so cute. I have a few hanks of burgundy cashmere that I think would be lovely for this. I do hope you figure out a pattern. Also, even though I love it how it is and, (I dont know if this has been mentioned already) what about a cute little puff sleeve? That may help with the "boxiness."