Friday, November 28, 2008

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jane Richmond
Rav ID: janeyfromcanadia
Some Great Designs: janeyfromcanadia's Rav Design Page

In the past two weeks janeyfromcanadia has added three of her designs to Ravelry - for free! - and much to the enrichment of the knitting community. She knits for a fashion designer based out of Vancouver, B.C. How cool is that?! Though upon looking at her patterns I'm sure you'll agree that she's a talented fashion designer herself!

I love how her patterns are so textured and adaptable; her adorable hat Elizabeth can be worn slouchy or rolled over with a brim (to keep those ears warm!)
Not to mention the chunky Marian moebius cowl. A free pattern that is fashionable and quite functional at the same time. I can easily imagine a starlet sporting this neck-warmer! Bulky knits always fascinate me. This pattern gives a perfect project with perfect yardage for that perfect ball/hank/skein of bulky yarn you treat yourself to this holiday season!
The pictured Mustard Scarf, as a project with warmth and adorability, has made its way onto my holiday gifting list (and I suggest it for any and all of you who may have a gift to give to an appreciative recipient this year). I like how the scarf is worn in the picture, but can imagine it in several other tres chic arrangements. It also provides a golden opportunity to utilize that one perfect button you might have.

I'm really looking forward to (what I hope will be) loads more designs and inspiration!


Brendaknits said...

thanks for this tip re Jane from canadia. Her designs look great and I love the fact that she is a fellow Canadian.

Ilix said...

YAY!!! Jane! Thanks so much for showing off her work! I know that she is thrilled! That scarf is a mus tknit for me as well.

Aesderina said...

go janeyfromcanadia! I CO her Mustard Scarf and it's about.. 10% in! I LOVE IT.. not because she's my friend but really.. I was knitting and looking at the wonderful pattern and it's REALLY great! It's so simple but that pattern is gorgeous but yet subtle!

Poethead said...

How do you find these great designers?! Thanks for the link! I enjoy finding new talent.