Friday, November 21, 2008

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Stephanie Dosen
Blog: *tiny owl knits*
Website: Stephanie
Rav ID: tinyowlknits
Some Great Designs: tinyowlknits' Rav Design Page

I came across Stephanie Dosen's knits before I was introduced to her music. But if there was ever a perfect reflection of knit artistry into music, her work is it.
Her delicate and haunting melodies are mirrored in her always beautifully ethereal designs. Don't ask me to pick a favourite, because I'm convinced that's an impossibility.

Forest shrug Dosen - on blog

Her recently posted Forest and Frill shrug demonstrates her knit-aptitude; she can take a bulky yarn and make it appear airy and love-ily light in a finished garment.

Amy March's Slippers clearly appeal to my enjoyment of circa 19th century female-centred fiction and what I'm sure is everyone's desire to keep their feet warm in the most wonderfully-adorned manner possible (in particular I love the marriage of yarn, ribbon and lace. This is big-time up my proverbial alley).

Check out her amazing sculptural use of yarn in shakespeare in love. I truly didn't know that Lamb's Pride Bulky could be so beautiful.

I never had plans to create any sort of free form/scrumble type knitting until I saw her heather and violet scrumble scarf. Now I know where all my project-ends are going. (And I'm not kidding. I've got them all categorized by colour and awaiting their eventual new life in Mason jars along my shelf!)

How cool are these robin hoods merry uggs? The flip-over top detail gives the shoe/slipper such character in such an elegant fashion.
And the brilliant pullover pictured above? That's Stephanie's snake-a-licious sweater. I have been desirous of this knit for many months now. I never was so anxious to cover myself in reptiles as when I first beheld this beauty. I love the play with cables and incredible creativity. Of course cables could be snakes! I just never realized how well and naturally they lend themselves to each other until this sweater.

The spirit that's infused into all Stephanie's art (and I definitely include her designs in this) reminds me of all the things I love and always puts me in the best of moods. I was a bit of a forest-wanderer and -wonderer myself (and part of me still is). So her work appeals to the fairy-tale child in me.


Unraveling Sophia said...

I've always loved Stephanie's artistic designs! I belong to the group she started on ravelry!

Hilary said...

And how about those Poppy Elf Boots?? What an amazing designer -- it's all so whimsical! Thanks so much for bringing my attention to her.

Kathleen Dames said...

I'm a big fan of Stepanie's knitting projects and made four pairs of the Amy March slippers for Mother's Day. Thanks for highlighting her work!

Bridget said...

Thanks for introducing me to this designer - I think a pair of Amy March slippers are in my immediate future!

Poethead said...

Oh! I love these links! The shrug is so feminine, and delicate, and I love the slippers! Will you take a picture of your Mason jars with the bits and pieces of yarn? I'll bet that would be a neat picture. The scarf is pretty awesome!