Monday, November 24, 2008

'Twas the Giveaway before Christmas...

...part the second!

First of all I'd like to say thank you to everyone for your responses, and congratulations to our first winner, Poethead!

As per last week, you need only to read the goofy rhyme below, post your answers here (or message me on Rav, or even email me at canarysanctuary at yahoo dot com) and I'll enter your name for the draw. I'll be drawing the winning name on Saturday. Just let me know how to contact you, and the package will be on its way!

Now, on to this week's prizes:
'Twas the giveaway before Christmas, and if goodies you'd like to score,
all you must do is answer these questions four!

1) Does the colour of the garment in a pattern influence if you make it or not?
2) Do you prefer a pattern book/magazine format where the patterns accompany the photos, or where all the photos are at the front and all the patterns are at the back?
3) Do you knit mostly for yourself?
4) If a pattern is knit in a hard-to-find yarn, but includes pertinent sub information (gauge, fibre, needle size) does it affect if you knit the pattern or not?
...and here's what you'll get:

-one vintage crafting book (and I must add a caveat here: this book is hardcore vintage. As in, it was discovered in a box in storage on my grandfather's farm, and despite my best efforts, still smells a bit neglected. Not rotten! But just smells like an old book. This is not why I'm giving it away. It's up for grabs here because I'll never use it enough, and I'm sure there's someone else out there who will. And it will be kept in a separate bag from the other goodies mailed to you.)
-two balls of Rowan Kidsilk
-one bear handknit by me
-a length of ribbon
-a stamp that says "Love" on it

Thank you and good luck! And if you don't win this week, keep in mind there's still 3 weeks worth of giveaways, and each week the prizes will get bigger!


Fry said...

1) Sometimes, if I think a particular color or color combination looks good with the pattern. Otherwise, it doesn't matter.

2) Doesn't bother me either way, as long as I can find them both.

3) Yes. I'm selfish that way.
4) No. Especially if I can use corresponding yarn.

Anonymous said...

1) Not really.
2) I prefer the pictures to be with the pattern. Pictures of any tricky spots are very appreciated.
3) I pretty much knit whatever I want. Usually, this means, if I want to knit it, but don't want the item, I'll foist it off on someone else. lol
4) Not in the least. I rarely use the yarn called for anyway.

P.S. I just wanted to answer the questions, so feel free to skip adding me to the drawing. :)

Ellen said...

1) No, not usually.
2) I usually prefer photos and patterns together, it's quicker to check yarn/needle requirements.
3) Yes, I'm a selfish knitter, though I'm improving!
4) No, if it's a good pattern and I love it then it goes in the queue.

Anonymous said...

1) Does the colour of the garment in a pattern influence if you make it or not?
Yes, although I like to think it doesn't, it really makes a difference if I can picture myself wearing it in some flattering color
2) Do you prefer a pattern book/magazine format where the patterns accompany the photos, or where all the photos are at the front and all the patterns are at the back?
I strongly prefer the patterns to be alongside the photos so I can see if there's something interesting technically going on that I don't see in the photo, and so I can see gauge, yardage, etc. at a glance. I hate the new format of IK with the patterns at the back.
3) Do you knit mostly for yourself?
4) If a pattern is knit in a hard-to-find yarn, but includes pertinent sub information (gauge, fibre, needle size) does it affect if you knit the pattern or not?
No, I feel comfortable substituting.

Anonymous said...

1) I think it does without me thinking about it, but I'm pretty open to all colors. I think the only one that really effects me is white.
2) I like the photos at the front for easy reference.
3) I start a lot of things for myself, but the ones that actually get finished are not for me.
4) Not at all, I hardly ever use the yarn called for in a pattern.

Annie in the Round said...

1. It doesn't matter what color it is.
2. I like the pattern and photo's in different sections- it feels more like a fashion mag that way.
3. I knit for myself and my immediate family,so I feel like it is all for me. Seeing my kids and husband keeping warm in the handknits I made them feels really nice.
4. I usually change the yarn to use yarn I like.

Laura said...

1. The color does not affect my decisions--you could always save the pic and change it to grayscale if you can't get past it!

2. I don't really care, but it is nicer to have the photos nearby for reference.

3. Almost always for other people.

4. I always substitute anyway, so it would not deter me from a pattern.

I'll try to remember to post some of my "awesome" vintage craft books.

Charity said...

1) Yes, I almost always am interested in a pattern knit in green.
2) I like it all together, I hate flipping back and forth.
3) I knit mostly for other people.
4) Yes, I'm more likely to knit a pattern that gives good sub info - I love that!

I'm NorthernKnitter on Ravelry. :0) Thanks for the giveaway!

Samurai Mom said...

1) sometimes, if it is particularly striking or knit in my favorite color. Mostly I look at the garment and then decideon color.
2) Picture with the pattern!!!
3) Mostly
4) I never use the yarn recommended I always use what I want, so all of that information is extremely helpful. I am annoyed when it isn't there.

Lauren said...

1) The color the pattern is knit in can be a huge attention-grabber, highlighting a pattern I might not knit or a less-than-perfect pattern. That said, if the pattern is awesome and the color is not, I'm all over it. If the color is awesome and the pattern is not, forget that.

2) I like it when the patterns and the photos are side by side. I need the photograph to motivate me!

3) Ever since I've started knitting it's been 100% for other people. Now that I've been at it for 2 1/2 years, I'm starting to get sick of it and make things for myself!

4) I knit patterns in whatever the hell I want to ... sometimes with less-than-ideal results. I do prefer it when the yarn listed is NOT hard to find, something that I'm familiar with, but if it's too expensive I know enough about it to sub.

Do all these questions mean we'll be getting a real, live pattern book from you sometime soon?

Sarah said...

1) Yes the color can influence me.

2) I like when the patterns accompany the photos

3) I knit a lot for myself :)

4) If it has all the other data, I'll knit it in an alternate yarn, no problems

Anonymous said...

1) I try not to let it, but I think at times it must. I love warm colors and greens, and I'm naturally drawn to patterns knit in those colors.
2) I like the patterns to accompany the photos! I much prefer it, actually, as I like seeing the pictures with the pattern so I can compare. I'm not keen on flipping to the back of a book or magazine.
3) About half and half, I think. Most of my big sweater projects are for me.
4) Oh, I rarely worry about what yarn the pattern is knit in! I figure subs are easy to figure out most of the time. There are times when I love how a pattern looks in the original yarn, enough that I seek it out, but if I like the pattern, no lack of yarn will stop me.

piggie1230 said...

1) Not exactly as to whether I make it, but whether or not it catches my eye. I've found myself attracted to patterns I don't like because of their color, and once I stare at it long enough, I'm like "yeah, that's ugly"

2) Um, not really. I kinda like the former, but so many mags are in the latter category that its difficult to compare.

3) yes. I plan to knit way more than I ever will, so I don't know what the actual proportion of things made for me, vs. made for others, but I plan infinately more stuff for me than anyone else.

4) Nope. I generally use yarns that aren't suggested (not as in, this is bad yarn, but not the yarn shown) Although expensive yarn suggestions have been known to make me pissy.

Jasmine said...

1.)I'd like to say no, but I think it probably does. Not consciously but if I really like the colour of something I'm probably more likely to notice it and therefore make it.

2.) I prefer it all together so I don't have to be flipping back and forth to see how it looks.

3.) Nope. Mostly for other people.

4.) Not at all. I don't think I've ever knit somehting in the recommended yarn.

Lauren said...

1) The color doesn't usually affect my interest unless it is so horribly awful that it makes me wonder why did they even bother (I saw a brown orange and yellow sweater once...for a little girls sweater...ugh).
2) I prefer the pictures to be with the pattern, but that makes it easier to see how challenging it is actually going to end up being so you can weigh that with the aesthetics of the garment.
3) I knit what interests me if its for a gift or for me then thats cool.
4) I rarely use the yarn thats called for (so many patterns have 100% cashmere, like I could afford that on a student's income) so it doesnt really end up affecting my decision.

Carol said...

2.don't care
3.yes? Kinda.
4.nope. I sub yarns all the time

I actually own the entire creative hands series. got it from my mother. Too funny to see it pop up here!

Anonymous said...

Aww, aint that bear cute!
1: Sometimes, but not really
2: I prefer them to be together as you usually have a few shots and can check out the detail more easily to make sure I'm doing it right.
3: Yes, with the odd beanie or baby something thrown in for others
4: No, but I love it when that info is included.

Emily said...

1) Probably not. The color definitely impacts by initial reaction to a garment, and may affect whether I purchase a book/mag, but enough time usually elapses between seeing a pattern and actually knitting it, that I'd get over the thrill or shock of the shown color and just pick my fave. ;-)

2) I prefer the patterns to be up-front with the photos! I like that the yardage, gauge, etc are easier to locate, and I like that that style is more like reading a book. (Less magaziney.)

3) By a longshot, yes!

4) I almost always substitute anyway, so the called-for yarn is not often a factor in my decisions.

Eve said...

Aw, that bear is cute! He also looks a little like a beaver from this angle, which is extra adorable.

Here are my answers:

1) Does the colour of the garment in a pattern influence if you make it or not?

Usually not, but seeing how other people have knit it and which colours they've used does have an impact. If I see it in a new colour that I like better, I might be more inclined to do so.

2) Do you prefer a pattern book/magazine format where the patterns accompany the photos, or where all the photos are at the front and all the patterns are at the back?

I like all the photos together so I can scan easily.

3) Do you knit mostly for yourself?

Yup! I've realized that I'm too unreliable to knit for others :)

4) If a pattern is knit in a hard-to-find yarn, but includes pertinent sub information (gauge, fibre, needle size) does it affect if you knit the pattern or not?

I almost never use the recommended yarn, I just match gauge.

BTW I can vouch for that book! My Dad found the whole series in the basement of his church when it was closing down and had the insight to reserve it for me :)

Eve said...

BTW you can contact me via email at

Auglaise said...

1) Yes and no. If I really hate the colour, it's going to take quite some time for the pattern to actually get through, but it's easy for me to get past a colour that I'm just iffy on.

2) I prefer when there are picture accompanying the instructions. I find that it helps inspire me to keep going, and reassures me that I'm doing something correctly.

3) Big things (garments) yes, small things (socks, accessories) no.

4) No, I'm entirely comfortable subbing a yarn in, and usually end up doing it anyway for various reasons.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Oh my! there are 21 contestants above me!! But I am dying for this particular prize collection so here goes!!

1) At first, a colour that I really like will catch my eye. But no matter what the colour is in the original pattern, it's the shape and style at determines whether I go on to actually knit the garment.

2) I greatly prefer a format where the pattern is right with the pictures. Not that I'd reject a magazine designed the other way, but I like the first way better.

3) Ha ha!! No, Not At All! I think I only have three things out of hundreds that I've ever knitted = 2 hats and a scarf! Everything else has been for gifts for others or for charity. Its a (bad) habit - I've been like this forever. I made beautiful quilts when I was a teenager and I so wish that I'd kept one but I don't even remember everyone I gave one to!

4) No - I never care what yarn the pattern tells me to use - I always make my own substitutions. I like to live dangerously LOL (and I never swatch! )

PS - my posting code today is "cologu" Doesn't that sound like it should be the name of a great yarn!?

Poethead said...

Yea, Poethead! That's me! Thank you so much for the first prize and your kind generosity!

I want to answer the survey, and I understand that I won't be eligible to win again. That's okay!

I am sometimes drawn to a pattern because of the color used in it, but it doesn't affect my purchase.
I've gotten so used to the patterns being in the back of a book or magazine, that it seems normal and expected, now. I really love leaflets, too, when the pattern is with the picture.
I knit mostly for my daughter and granddaughter, 95%!
I love the sub yarns included in a patter, because it's often hard to find the yarn given.
Thank you!

danielle said...

i think the color affects whether i knit something (although it shouldn't) -- also the way the photograph is taken, for example if i can see the entire garment / if i can see it clearly from more than one angle.

given the option, i'd prefer the patterns in the back.

i like to knit things for myself and as presents equally.

if i can find a different yarn that will also work it won't deter me, but i won't hunt for yarn.


maramae said...

1. Although I'd like to say that I can see past the color shown and imagine another one in my head...I think that most times I get stuck on the actual garmet that its pictured.

2. I like to have all of the photos/patterns right next to each other...I hate flipping (spiral bound is where its at)

3. I WANT to knit for myself but I am new to knitting and not very fast so all of my have been gifts/requests so far...I will someday though.

4. I hate it when it is difficult to determine/find a substitution yarn. A huge perk to buying a book for me is that it would include substitutions. Makes me soooo happy.

Walden said...

1) Most of the time the color of a garment does not have anything to do with whether or not I will knit it, except if it is in a color that photographed so badly that it is hard to see the design.
2) I actually don't mind either one.
3) No, I rarely knit for myself. I usually think of ideas or see patterns and think 'so and so would love that', but that changes for 2009 with my new intended New Year's Resolution.
4) Actually, this rarely ever has anything to do with anything for me. I don't recall ever knitting a pattern in the yarn specified for the pattern. I rarely will even consider knitting an item with the pattern offered if there is no information on gauge and the end size.

Sophie said...

1) the colors doesn't matter for me, if I fell for a pattern I'll choose my own anyway
2)I prefer picture with the pattern but I can work with it even if pictures are somewhere else (like in Vogue knitting)
3)I do knit for me and for other, I have to be more selfish because it's not everybody who is concerns about the time and love involved in knitting !
4)Not at all, I think I never use the yarn called by a pattern till now...

Josie said...

1. Unfortunately, yes, I am unable to visualize a garment in another colour without serious mental gymnastics. If it's made in a colour I especially like, I'm more likely to gaze longingly at the pattern. Though really interesting construction will catch my eye regardless of colour.

2. I like all the photos together so I can flip through and find the pattern I'm looking for more easily - but thumbnail photos with the patterns are helpful, too.

3. I mostly knit sweaters for myself and accessories for others.

4. I almost never use the yarn called for, so using a rare yarn is almost a non-issue for me so long as the pattern specifies the yardage required, not the no. of balls required.

Teresa said...

And that's a wrap!
Drawing momentarily - winner will be notified :)

Anonymous said...

1)It could have a small influence, but isn't too important.
2)Doesn't matter. I guess patterns at back.
3)Yes, majority is for myself.
4)No, I will find a substitute.

Barbara said...

1. sometimes the color does influence my decision.

2. I'd prefer the pictures accompany the pattern.

3. no,I mostly knit for others and charity.

4. living where I live, I have to order yarn on line or drive to the city if I want something in particular. I would and do substitute yarns.