Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stacka Stuffs

As someone thoroughly dedicated to her stash and its enhancement, I have an innate urge to hoard pretty things.
This extends to patterns as well. Since my bookcase is soon-to-burst, the executive decision has been made to share and share alike the many patterns that I (honestly) will never get around to knitting. Why hide them away when a very happy knitter can be using them instead?

And so I present my stacka patterns:
This is only a sampling. Most patterns are in a book, and I'd be happy to show you pics of other projects in said books. All vintage, dating from the 1950s (methinks) to the glorious 80s.

"What hoop do I have to jump through to get ahold of one of these pretties?" You ask.
Well, this here is what I'll do:

Leaving a comment on this post, tell me
1) your favourite colour to wear
2) your favourite fibre to knit with
3) (if applicable) your best travel tips and info regarding Edinburgh, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome.
I'm looking to get me good and prepared for my three week jaunt across the ocean.
4) a way to contact you (email, rav id, etc...)

I'll contact you and ask you which you'd like. First come, first serve basis.
These are good ones; I wouldn't have collected them otherwise!


Meghan said...

You should rethink giving away that hot pink mini dress pattern--I'd like to see you make that!

soknitpicky said...

How fun! How can I possibly resist?
1. Gray--how boring am I?!
2. Cascade Venezia
3. It has been a long time since I've been to Paris and I was a kid, but the thing I loved most was eating crepes at every single opportunity
4. rav ID soknitpicky or email

-kat- said...

yep, i'm in, too!
1. fire engine red
2. indiecita baby alpaca
3. of those places, i've only been to rome. in all honesty, i'd advise going only under the supervision of a very enthusiastic travel buddy (i kinda hated it?). but do go see the mouth of truth.
4. rav ID katspajamas

juicyknits said...

I'm in!
1. Red is my favourite colour.
2. Cascade 220 so far (I'm a newbie to yarn world, so I'm still discovering).
3. When you go to Paris, be sure to visit the fashion museum. The exhibitions vary there, but when I went there at the beginning of this year, I got to see a collection of Christian Lacroix (Helen Mirren's Oscar dress designer).
4. Rav ID: juicyknits.

patricia said...

I like to wear black, but so far I never knitted anything in black. I like the mohair kinda yarn, no special brand, but I like to discover other yarns. Paris is the only I've been to, shame on me, I like to stroll around, drink coffee and watch people. My rav id nobutterfly

Anonymous said...

1. Brown
2. KnitPicks Shine, or maybe Gloss
3. Paris - if you speak any language other than English, use it. If they see that you're making a really good attempt to communicate with them, they'll be much friendlier.
4. Ravelry id: stsomewhere

piggie1230 said...

Yay! *hearts* for you :)
My favorite color to wear is jewel tones. After my middle school experience, I don't think I'll ever have a monotone wardrobe ever again...

I like to knit wool blends, but I have to knit with mostly cotton down here in the South. I really really really want to try knitting with linen.

For most anywhere in Europe, my first suggestion would be to not stay in the city proper. The surrounding country side is so beautiful, and public transport is so good, that it would be a shame to miss it by never leaving the city. Also, find out what the predominate form of monetary transaction is--some countries don't hardly even accept the American debit/credit card, but you'll probably get a better deal on the conversion if you can use a card. I've been to Paris, Dublin, London and Amsterdam--my parents live/d in the last two locations. I've been elsewhere as well. PM me if you have any specific questions.

Sorry I talk alot. My rav ID = piggie1230

Team Knit said...

I already have more patterns int he queue than any sane individual, so I don't really want anymore- but I thought it would be fun to play the game anyways.
1) green
2) merino wool/silk blends, or merino wool
3) Venice- definitely go into every shop that you come across that interests you, because you might not find it again later! And I highly recommend taking a ferry boat over to the island of Murano and see the glass blowers in action- you'll never forget it.
As for Paris, I recommend staying in the latin quarter area- really lovely. I never like going to the Louvre, but the Musee Des Beaux Arts is mind-blowing. Also, you have to have a crepe from one of the street vendors- they are a dream! Florence/Rome- eat as much gelato as you can. Seriously. You'll be walking so much you'll burn it all off, and you'll neve rhave better in your life, I swear.
4) rav: teamknit,

I can't wait for you to go on your trip- you'll LOVE it!!

Lauren said...

1. I love black, deep magenta-ish purple, and almost any shade of green.
2. Anything alpaca ... though it's a bit out of my price range as a college student. I also love sock yarn. I want to make a sweater out of it.
3. I haven't been to Europe yet, but I'm studying in Annecy (right on the Swiss border) this summer, so if you go there be sure to show pictures!
4. ravID laureneliz

I've been lurking for a while but only commented once or twice ... thanks for having such a great giveaway!

Clumsy Knitter said...

Oh, this is so fun! Let's see...

1. Brown. Or black. Oh, and green!
2. Definitely merino wool.
3. Of those places on the list, I have only been to Rome. But I recommend brushing up on your art history and architecture. Also, eat lots of gelato.
4. or ClumsyKnitter on Ravelry

Aim said...

I'll try too:
1.fav color to wear is apple green
2. fav fiber to knit with is merino wool
3. sounds like the best tip is just "to go"--meaning I've never been!
4. "bumpydoink" on ravelry

Samurai Mom said...

Oh, how fun!
1)mossy green
2) cascade 220 but I love merino when I can get my hands on it.
3)There is/was a neat hostel in Edinburgh that used to be a church. it was nice to lie in bed and look up at the stained glass. I don't remember a whole lot other than the castle and the museum. Also, keep your ears sharp. You might think that you can handle a scotch accent and then you get there and you feel like they are speaking a different language. I didn't have a tough time in Edinburgh but Glascow was impossible. If you do go to Glascow there is a lovely cathedral and a neat historical home across the street to tour.
I WISH I had been a knitter when I was in Scotland. Oh, the wool envy!
4) Rav Id) sewingdervish
or my blog

emilynye said...

1) just one??? grey, light blue, hot pink, brown, black.
2) merino, alpaca, bamboo
3) italy tips: don't spend too much time in venice. go there first, because as great as it seems when you get there, once you get to florence and rome, venice just doesn't cut it. oh, and shop your heart out!!!
4) rav: emilynye,

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST Monday morning activity!!

1. Purple and Orange. Usually not together.
2. WOOL! and organic cotton
3. Paris- definitely do a walking tour of the Marais, climb to the top of Notre Dame - it's totally worth it, Go to Musee D'Orsay AND don't miss the Musee L'Orangerie. It's amazing- the large Waterlillies were amazing. Oh- and The Rodin Museum is quite entertaining. And make sure to take a few evenings to sit and people watch.
4. Rav ID Lindseyrose

Hilary said...

Ooh, great patterns!

1. Green
2. Just boring old wool. Cascade 220 is always my fallback, but I also love Dream in Color and Tess's.
3. You cannot go wrong in Florence, Rome, or Paris. Florence can be crowded, so you might think about visiting the major tourist spots (which really can't be missed) earlier in the day rather than later. All of the ruins in Rome are amazing -- do not miss a single one! I never got to go there myself, but I hear that the Etruscan museum right outside of Rome is fantastic. And Paris...people were much more friendly about my not speaking much of the language than I thought they'd be and were very patient with and sweet about my feeble attempts to speak French with them.
4. Rav ID theyarniad

A Homely Heroine said...

(a)navy blue, although I also wear black a lot
(b) I don't think I've tried enough yarns to have a favourite, but the yarn I really want to try next is cascade
(c)In Edinburgh a gun is fired at 1pm, its called the One O'clock Gun. Don't reveal yourself to be a tourist and ask what time the gun will be : D Go to Harvey Nicholls - designer department store. In Paris, well I need tips to cos' I'm off the wkend after next, but I plan to visit La Bon Marche yarn section, and Lauderees for macaroons. Also the Louvre is free/reduced price on Friday nights.
(c)rav id: homelyheroine

also, if while in the UK you see a West Cornwall Pasty shop, buy one, they're cheap but yummy! At most major train stations.

Jen L said...

1. I wear a lotta black for work, but I like to wear green on non-work days.

2. I'm currently loving Malabrigo as well as some hand-dyed lace weight yarn (not sure of the brand) I recently added to my collection.

3. Never been to any of the places you've listed, but I would advise taking a digital camera and a few extra memory cards!

4. rav ID monkeyknits or email monkeyknits AT gmail DOT com

Have a great trip!

Chris said...

1. Hmm - everybody's saying red, but I have to agree. I've been strangely into teal blues lately too though.
2. pretty much any fingering weight wool - Socks that Rock really really does Rock! I guess 100% wool in general - any weight - the structure of it really floats my boat!
3. I haven't been to any of your vacation locations - Spain was my only overseas destination. Wherever you are though, you should splurge and totally eat like crazy!
4. rav ID squeezleknits

Auglaise said...

1. Purple
2. Wollmeise!
3. In Rome, stand with your back to the Pantheon and the lovely fountain. (If it hasn't changed you'll be looking at a McDonalds.) Diagonally left should be a side street. Walk up this street, and you should pass a place selling the most amazing pizza by weight (highly recommended) and then see a gelato shop. When I visited, admittedly some time ago now, the made everything from scratch by hand, and there was a day that my friend and I sat on the steps of that fountain for hours and had one scoop of every single flavour they did!
4. Rav id: Auglaise

Emma said...

1. I can't pick--green or brown.
2. Merino wool or wool blends.
3. I've been to Rome, Florence and Venice, and the latter two were more my style. Always wander into less crowded streets off the main road, it's where you'll find the most interesting shops and the best food. If there is no English on the menu it's a winner! So just avoid anything that looks touristy. Myself and my companion didn't know any Italian, but basic knowledge of French or Spanish can help you guess at words on menus, signs, etc. And eat lots of gelato.
4. rav ID yorkshirelamb

Poethead said...

I love earth tones, grays, black. I love wool! I have never traveled to the cities you mentioned, although I would love to do so, but my advice to you is to just GO. Don't miss the opportunity for anything.

Charity said...

These are fun hoops!
1) Teal
2) Superwash Merino
3) I have no exciting travel tips, other than to make sure you pack a change of clothing in your carryon. :0) Exciting, no?
4) My Ravelry ID is NorthernKnitter

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone!

All the patterns have been claimed.

Enjoy :)

Jen L said...

Thanks for the fabulous books! They're a hoot! Not sure if I'm adding any of the patterns to my queue right away, but perhaps someday they'll come back in fashion? Thanks for your generosity!