Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts Flying with Belted Knits


I've been pondering belted knits for a few days now, and I can't get it out of me brain.
A few Rav-examples:

Weird Rock Star's Kimono
Cables and Lace Cardi

While these (and the right-pictured Dusk by Hargreaves) are all kimono-styled, I'm thinking outside that box.
To something more boxy. Less cardi.
More scoop-necky. Less vee-y.
But certainly drapey. And Autumn-y.

I'm sure you'll all be rather unsurprised that I drool over Alexander McQueen pieces. His work is quite directly up my alley.
Historical, luxurious, and perhaps the best visual example of sumptuous one could possibly find.
Here's an example of a belted knit from his Fall 2006 RTW:
So very Lurvely.
(while writing this post, I took a quick time-out to search McQueen's online store. One day, I'll set aside a few thousand and buy a piece. A very good investment, methinks.)
Note: Those boots are possibly the best boots I've ever laid my eye upon. If only they weren't high-heeled.

Now this look, from Aquascutum 2008 Fall RTW has a few of my dreamed-of qualities: flowy, incredible belt, deep and very rich colour.

All this picture-posting and adjective-spewing will eventually lead to a knit.
Hope to get it logistically laid out, cast on, and with something to show for myself within a couple days.

In the meantime, I must run off to wind my recent stash acquisitions into usable balls and ponder my curious choice of Granny Apple Green for one of the two next designs.


Team Knit said...

I love belted sweaters (and jackets!), but I find that you have to really pay attention to wear they are belting-I can't stand it when I've got a belt on a sweater or jacket, and it is nowhere near my waist.

- Julie

Nettie said...

I must have that leather belt! I love that look and the one at the bottom. Though I'm not sure how flattering it will be on those with a lack of boobage like me. I can't wait to see your interpretation of it.

soknitpicky said...

Love your ponderings. Oh, and I really really want a leather obi like that one in the Hargreaves book!

Anonymous said...

oooh! This is exciting! I like your inspiration... The second one in cream is great ~ granny sheik ~ I love it. Although when dressing granny style...I tend to look like a real granny....:0 Any ways lots of people have said I have an "old soul" so perhaps that’s why I like it. Excited to see what’s next!

Hilary said...

COOL. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.