Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blue; Peacock Blue

PhotobucketHere you see me sporting the new Tareja knit. It's getting there.... I have a deadline of September 12, so that I can wear it to the Knitter's Fair on the 13th.

I'm returning to a colour discussion, cause, dammit, I like discussing colour.
Ever since I was a wee Girl Guide and was forced to sport that navy blue dress, I've realized I'm not into blue. I just don't do it well.
Or, so I thought.
Knowing colour theory has backed me up on the anti-blue crusade. Theoretically blue clashes with my oliveish skin tone, dark hair and dark eyes. Theoretically I should be dolled up in clothing that will bring out my natural warm tones. Blue is the quintessential cool colour.
So why do I like the shade pictured on me here?

When I heard about "getting your colours done" I knew it was something that had to be researched (because when I like something, I research it.)
I've got two sources here for you all to try out.
The first is a sort of rough outline that you can find on the site My Shape. You have to make yourself a personal profile, and on the first page of "Your Personal Style", question 11 asks you to click on a drop down menu that states "My colour palette is..." and you choose from one of the four seasons. Next to this is a "What is This?" link. Click on it, and you'll get a list that'll place you in a particular spot.
It told me I'm a Winter.
(Apparently all this colouring info came from "Color With Style" by Donna Fujii. I'm trying to get my hands on a copy).
Having some googling fun, I came across this website. It's neato because it gives you a shade card for your preferred wardrobe colour choices. According to this one, I fall a bit more into the Autumn category (not to mention the colour schemes for this one are reflective of those I actually wear and believe I look best in).
Fascinating, no?


Chrispy said...

Many of us tend to reach for the colors that we look best in. Blues are hard for Autumns but not impossible. I like to wear them but they have to have a bit of green or brown thrown in or be a deep blue.

The sweater looks great on you.

erngrn said...

i didn't like blue for the longest time, i have pale skin and dark hair/eyes and i always thought that blue just made me look like i was suffering from pnemonia or something but in recent times i've figured out that if i wear blue or green, it makes my eyes look less brown and more hazel (which is kind of fun because i don't even have to go through the stress of the contacts to change the color!)

i think you could do the blue, that blue has a green/yellowish undertone (from what i can tell). its nice ;)

Hilary said...

I do think this blue looks lovely with your skin tone -- maybe it's the bit of green in it? Whatever the color, Tareja is really lovely and looks great on you.

Thanks for the links -- I find it to be a very interesting topic as well. My mom took me to have my colors done when I was young and I was judged to be a "bouyant spring". I have no idea what that means. But I do know that I still find purple, green, and royal blue to be some of my favorite colors to wear...and that's what the color lady told me I looked good in when I was five.

Fel said...

I had my colours done when I was, uh, 17 or 18? Sad thing was, I hadn't slept a lot the night before, so I forgot most of the great tips - the good thing I gained though was this booklet with fabric samples of all the colours which suited me.

Maybe dark blue would be too hard for you, but I think the colour you chose is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I know much about the whole colour theory bit, but I think your tareja looks nice on you so far. Where would I find this pattern? It looks great!

Teresa said...

Thanks all :)

natasha: as of right now, you'd have to crack my head open for the pattern - if it turns out alright I might post it for people.