Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scram Lumpy!; Or, Make me Like this Knit

Well, don't make me like it, I think it would be better if I get the harsh truth.

Here be my Tareja:
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Pattern: Tareja
Yarn: almost 3 skeins of Alchemy Silk Purse in colourway "Mediterranean"

Why I'm not diggin it:
Hrmmm. Mmmm. Rrrr.....
That's the noise I make whenever I put this one on. The whole time I was knitting it I was süber-excited about it. I could never get home soon enough to knit on it.

Then, I finished it, blocked it, and poo.

Now really, do I look like a circa-thirteenth-century-French-court-jester?
I may have to work on getting me some of those exuberantly-long curly toed shoes.
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On the upside:
I've learned
1) how to add beading to knits
2) that I don't like knits with beads
3) how to design my own lace
4) that there does exist a shade of blue which I can wear without looking so muddy

and I've rediscovered
1) how much I love Alchemy Silk Purse
2) the funness of picot edging
3) the magic of a provisional cast-on
4) the mantra of "What would Stacy and Clinton say?"

It may happen that it'll just grow on me.
It may happen that I'm in some sort of nasty knit-hating funk.
It may happen that this sucker gets frogged and/or shoved to the bottom of the "knits that've gone wrong" pile where I can't see it and have thoroughly disowned it.

And, it may be that I've simply posted too soon - I've already waited a few days before revealing this sucker due to my less-than-pleased feelings.

In any case, I doubt this one will end up being sported to the aforementioned Knitter's Fair this Saturday. The weather seems to be taking a turn in my favour, and bringing along my beloved autumnal tempurature drops.
Ladies (and gents, if there be any of ye here):
Start your cold-weather knits!


erngrn said...

honestly, i love it. i think the color is great and i think the lace is beautiful buuuuut, what i would probably change about it or what i think might be making you feel like you should be wearing curley toed shoes is the bottom fringey thing happening.

personally, i would cast off either straight or with a less dramatic jagged edge. :)

Hilary said...

You should DEFINITELY like this knit, and I'm not just saying that. I think it's fantastic! I don't see the court jester at all. I see a nicely designed, beautifully fitting, pretty-colored tank that will be great both on its own or with a close-fitting cardigan. DO NOT FROG THIS KNIT!

Anonymous said...

I'm with granny on this. I love it, except for the spiky bottom. I think it would be pretty with a very gently scalloped edge.

Team Knit said...

I love the tiny cap sleeves (straps?) that you did on the tank, and the whole thing looks so pretty and romantic, but I can't say I love the triangles at the bottom. I agree with the previous comment, that a gently scalloped edge would be gorgeous.

That yarn is stunning!!

- Julie

Anonymous said...

I like it too, but, although I really don't see 'jester', I'm with the others on the pointy bits. Reading thru this post explains why I couldn't find the pattern for this anywhere on the net. I started looking when you posted the pic of it about half done.

Anonymous said...

The yarn is beautiful, but I agree - I don't like the spikey look at the bottom. Awesome job on designing lace, though!

Oh and by the way you've been tagged for a meme over at my blog ;)

Aim said...

You are a scream! You're right, though, it may grow on you...If it doesn't, well what a bummer to put that much effort into something that gets frogged (but then again, look at all the things you learned!!)

Jo said...

I love the pointy bits! I think its really unique and beautiful, and the colour is a dream. The straps are realy pretty too. I really don't see court jester at all :)