Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Gadget par Papa


About a year ago, I gave my dad some "blueprints" for a yarn-holding-gadget. This is what he's made.

It actually works! I defy you, nasty yarn balls, to roll into the dusty nether-realms of the underside of my futon now!



Ilix said...

That is an amazing gadget!!! Way to go Canary Dad!

Team Knit said...

That is quite the gadget- what a great idea!

- Julie

Unraveling Sophia said...

That is brilliant! You should sell those on Etsy - you'd make a million. I'd definitely buy one. I'd send you lots of local yarns in trade for one!!!!

Teresa said...

That sounds tempting!


Yarn is always good.

dandelionpicker said...

This is awesome! See if he'll make some to sell on etsy - I'd buy one!