Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lustful Silk Corset the Second - Sleeved


Yes, it's true. Two sweaters in 3 days.

Pattern: Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset
Yarn: Alchemy Silk, colourway Gold Grace (I believe) not sure how many hanks, I think it was about three

I'll admit to the innumerable souls who read this bloggy that the first silk corset I made does not get much wear. There's three reasons for this:
1 - The no-sleeves aspect makes the corset slide off my shoulders, annoying me to a rather high degree.
2 - The silk stretched, too much for me to be happy. By normal-people standards it's fine, but in my highly self-conscious mind I feel frumpy.
3 - (and this one is just mainly a by product of reason #2) I think I look fat in it.

So, to allay these fears, I made it longer, added sleeves, made it smaller around the ribcage/waist, and blocked it much less.


I feel like a boxed chocolate wearing this (in the very best way one can feel like a boxed chocolate). The orange-filled ones have always been my favourite.

I was playing with the idea of adding beads, but am unsure as to the best way to attach them. I'd like very small beads, which don't fit onto the yarn.

Off to knit on another long-neglected knit.


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful! I love how it looks longer-that is a great modification.

soknitpicky said...

Good grief! I'm jealous of how productive you are! That looks gorgeous on you and I like how you did the sleeves.

Unraveling Sophia said...

It looks great on you and the colour is beautiful! Its like a Belle Epoche garment.... Ilike Annie Modsitt's designs a lot.

BTW, did you ever get my Christmas envelope? It should have arrived by now. I did get your lovely card on Christmas Eve! :)

Teresa said...

Thanks all!

I did make sure it was longer - I had the disappointment of other garments being too short. Lesson learned!

Annie Modesitt's patterns are great. I have her book - I think my next knit will come from there.

sophia I did get your package. It was wonderful! I've been using the tres cute stitch marker quite a lot. I can't wait to dig into that pattern book. It was very thoughtful of you!
I'm glad the card arrived - and in perfect time :)

Team Knit said...

Oh wow! It looks fantastic!!! Congrats on a truly fabulous FO.
- Julie

Susan said...

That is simply perfect! I wouldn't add a thing to it. The fit is soo very flattering, too. Great job - as always!