Monday, January 28, 2008

First of '08: The Chocolate Brown Collar

In a fit of knitting fury, I've finished the first project started this year: the Blue Collar from Scarf Style (only of course, blue mine is not).

Pattern: Blue Collar from Scarf Style
Yarn: the 1.5 balls of beauty-ful Grace (wool and silk) from Louisa Harding

I love this yarn - I question the actual wearability and applicability to everyday life of this project, but damn, it's cute. What thinks you?


The interesting and simple construction method made this a quick and addictive knit. I didn't have quite enough yarn to finish it, so I just ended early and threaded some ribbon through the top instead of knitting inches of skinny, skinny garter stitch for the laces.


I have several projects on the go-go. Fingers would prefer needles to keyboards presently.

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks freakin' gorgeous, especially against the yellow of your top. Bravo!