Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pining for the Camera, waiting for the Yarn

A photo-less post, my friends:

While not ever proclaiming myself to be a hat-person, I've fallen for the Shedir. And finished it.
And, I would be showing a picture, but am currently without camera.

This new-found love has led me to seek out, much like a pink-snouted truffle hog, more lovely hat patterns. Where I would have shunned them only days ago, I have now officially added them to the ever-growing "Next on the Needles" list.

And the odd desire has suddenly struck me to drop my reluctance to knit up some pretty wrap-tops. I avoided these because I was of the opinion that they make my chest look bizzare (as in "look at me! Here are my boobs!" - as an interesting side note, I have heard from certain style gurus that wrap tops are supposed to minimize a person's chest).

Needless to say I'll be sleeping on this one before throwing cash at pretty patterns and prettier yarn. (Though, the eagle-eyed reader will spy a selection of wrap cardigans in the aforementioned "Next on the Needles" list.)

I suspect these changes-of-heart stem from the spring bug. Yes, it's sunny outside. Yes, it's warm. And, just when I'm on the verge of finishing a very warm, and very epic, alpaca sweater.


Anonymous said...

And then today happened. Not sunny or nice. Still think ing Spring? And I want to see that hat, preferably on your head!

Teresa said...

Worry not! The hat will be on the head (as long as the temperature doesn't spike was the hell up there). Just waiting on the camera. :)

Anonymous said...

good. I'll settle down then.

Ilix said...

I love the Odessa hat too! I can't wait to see yout hat pics! I have ben knitting the maple seed alot lately.... found on craftster under "Lacy wool hats" I think that you may like them too!