Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Summer's a-coming

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Just a quick note:
Here is the sad remains of what was supposed to be a bikini top for me last year. I quickly changed my mind about that after determining that cotton does not act very well as a supportive garment (all on its own).

And so, I have decided to design myself a (gasp!) cotton, fair isle half-top halter for the summer. Fair Isle because I have to incorporate all those colours in there somehow. Half top because I realized that last year, my favoured mode of dress was anything cool that I could throw on top of my bikini top (a real one this time).

I do have a schematic rather quickly drawn, but have as-of-yet to photo and upload it. For now you can feast your eyes on the crying cotton and warn me (if you desire) that fair isle in cotton just might spell my doom.


Anonymous said...

I haven't made any knitted bikinis (YET!) but I was thinking maybe a cotton/elastic blend would work like Elann Esprit.

Teresa said...

That's a good point! I've ordered some (tee hee).