Saturday, February 03, 2007

Progressing Slowly on me Eiffel

Here's a more updated photo of my Eiffel progress. I worked on it last night, and I'm up to the ribbing now. I thought for a while I had to frog everything, but fortunately when I tried it on, it was the right length. I find that a lot of shirt patterns make the shirt far too short. And what's mostly odd about that? I'm no amazon - at 5'1, I should have no problem fitting in to a shirt that's more on the short-waisted side. At least, you'd think so.

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This picture wonderfully displays my lazy-ass mistake of making it a size small instead of xs, and changing my mind about 1.5 inches in. There's no way I was frogging this one at that point (after three unsuccessful and rather frustrating cast-ons), and thankfully I've avoided disaster the second mistake go-around. (this second mistake was based on my impatience to start the top ribbing part. The pattern called for 9 inches of lace. I measured it three different times, in three different places, and it was correct. I was about 5 inches in to the top ribbing, remeasured and found that I was over-eager with my earlier measurements. In fact, it was only 8 inches :p That's ok, I can deal.)
Stay tuned, the saga continues.

I've decided this one should be done for Valentine's Day. Think it can happen? Now that I've announced it, I'm sure the pressure (read: motivation) will help.


Anonymous said...

That sweater is looking good! You can totally finish by the 14th! And wouldn't it be the perfect top to wear on Valentine's Day?

Teresa said...

Yep, that's what I was thinking too :) I'm going to start on the first sleeve today. It's a yoked top, so I'm proceeding with a bit of trepidation!
I'll post some sleeve pics soon, I hope!

Anonymous said...

It's looking good! I'm glad to hear that it fits well, as I'm 5'1" too. Usually sweaters are too long on me though -I made the S instead of the XS as I'm bigger on the bottom than the top and I figured it would hit me a little lower.