Thursday, February 15, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged, and so must comply! Here's my first meme:

Six Weird Things About Me

Where to begin? How can I divulge this list and maintain a degree of respectability?
Well, read on if you must, and discover the weird side of me.

1. I have to have all the labels of my products (food, shampoo, etc..) with the English side facing out. If it be French that faces me, I must right the object (that and I know someone's been touching my stuff!)

2. I hate wearing socks. Especially when I'm at home. No matter how cold it is outside, as soon as I get home the socks come off. If my feet need to be warm, I have slippers. That's what they're for. I try to disguise my dislike of the sock by buying really cutesy ones, and rather loud ones as well, but this is only a temporary mask for the bubbling pot of annoyance that wearing socks creates.

3. I have an intense aversion to wearing hig heels. They may look beautiful, and be wonderful works of sculptural art, but to torture one's foot, legs, back etc... by wearing them is beyond me. And don't tell me they're comfortable - they're not. Anything that makes you walk on only one part of your foot and creates a clip-clopping horse-like noise is not comfortable.

4. I hated vegetables for so long, that I had never really eaten one (other than the odd piece of lettuce or carrot in a chicken noodle soup) until I was 21. This does not include potatoes, which I love and have always loved.

5. I've never broken, sprained or twisted any limb, bone, or other part of my body. This may have something to do with my aversion to sports and other strenuous physical exercise.

6. I sing to my birds. They don't care. They just yell back, and if I get too close, they run away and squawk in terror. Yet I sing (and talk to them) anyway.

There you have it. A strange-but-true account of the assortment of oddities that is me.


Anonymous said...

Thats why you take everything off your veggie burger/ sandwiches... You are a weirdo.

Teresa said...

Oh yes. Tomatos = yuck. Pickles = ew. Onions = blah.
I must state in my defense: I do really like peppers, spinach, carrots, broccoli, corn (does that count?), peas, lettuce and cucumbers. I think that makes up for the aforementioned ickies.