Monday, March 09, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe: Timeline off the Rails

Yah, stuff happens. I've gone off kilter with my schedule.
It's mostly because I've been choosing to focus on a few other projects over the last couple of weeks, but it's also because the Kasia skirt is one that requires a bit more of my brain power and focus, and it's a bit intimidating.

I've never sewn this skirt before, and have made the (foolish?) decision to change the closure placement. So, I'm following and altering a pattern I've never worked with. Tricky.

Kasia has multiple pieces just for the waistband, and it's a pretty fitted skirt, so I don't want to screw it up. I'm lazy, and will most likely not go back and pick out any mistakes I make in production.
It's good to know yourself, people.

Anyway, I've withheld the pleasure of cutting out the next pattern on the schedule for my capsule wardrobe; my own little trick to keep myself motivated.

I'm hoping to pop back on here soon with well-fitted proof that I can catch up to a schedule gone haywire!  


Meredith M said...

Good Luck!

Elena Knits said...

I tried to keep tight sewing schedules in the past and always failed miserably. I hope you can catch up with yours. Good luck!

kingshearte said...

Yow, that pattern cover picture is intense. I like to think I'm reasonably capable of looking beyond the styling of a pattern to assess the pattern itself, but I would never in a zillion years look past all those different, dizzying prints. Which is perhaps too bad, because it looks like it might be OK, once you get past all that. I look forward to seeing yours, and I have nothing but the utmost confidence that you'll get back on track and do a fabulous job!