Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fibre Festivals

I'm pretty excited to say that I just found out I'll be able to attend the Toronto Knitter's Frolic this year!
It's April 25-26 this year, and I'll be there on the 25th to get me some yarn fumes in the marketplace!

Will you be going this year? I'd love to meet you, so come up and say hi!

It occurred to me that it'd be helpful for more than just myself to have a Guide to Tackling the Fibre Festival.

Guide to Tackling the Fibre Festival: Knitter's Frolic Edition

Fibre Festivals: In General
  • Have a purchasing plan. Unless you're comfortable going in unprepped. It totally depends if you're someone who needs specifics or can make impulse purchases right there on the floor.
  • Cruise the floor. I function best at fibre festivals when I've had at least a good once over all my purchasing options. I'll then go back later and invest my cash in the stuff I'm most excited about.
  • Go with people who match your shopping style. It can/will get CROWDED in there. Some people lolly about and take their time. Some people speed through like hummingbirds. It's best not to mix these two shopping types. Unless you're both up front about it and establish your preferences beforehand.
  • At least consider what you're going to do about eating. Every fibre event I've ever been to has on-site food options, but those can have issues: not the food you want/can have, very long lines, takes up a large amount of time, crowded dining space, relatively expensive. Personally, I like to bring some "emergency" food and water.
  • See your other options. The Knitter's Review website has a thorough (and I mean thorough!) list of fibre events. See what's coming to a place near you!
  • Diversify your payment options. Not everyone always takes credit. Or debit. Or cash. What if that one booth has that one must-have yarn and they don't take the payment you have?
  • I've also done a Rhinebeck tips video. It applies to more than just Rhinebeck, though.

Knitter's Frolic: In Specifics
  • Parking? Go early! The lots fill up pretty fast. The marketplace opens on Saturday at 9:00, and there's usually a significant line to get in.
  • Driving? AVOID THE DVP. Quite helpfully, the guild has given us all a heads up that the Don Valley Parkway will be closed on Saturday. So plan those alternate routes.
  • The charge to get in this year is $6.00. Have cash at the ready!
  • Don't forget there's two floors of vendors! Pop upstairs for plenty more to touch and see and ogle.
  • Check out the list of vendors beforehand. It's up online! It'll help you in creating that plan of attack.
  • Dress in layers. I've been there on years where I was alternately freezing and sweltering. It's never a sure thing.
  • Come say hi to me! I'd love to meet you!

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kingshearte said...

Someday. Someday I will make it to a fibre festival of some kind, somewhere. Squish something delightfully soft for me (make it something in the teal family, if you really want to channel me).