Friday, April 25, 2014

Indie Designer Revisit

Designer: Tori Gurbisz
Blog: Lachesis and Co
Rav ID: LachesisandCo
Some Great Designs: LachesisandCo's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: July 9, 2010

Four years ago! Wowzers! It was almost four years ago that I first profiled this great designer. I went back and read that post; she had only three patterns published at the time, but the hallmarks of her light, fun, versatile style were already present.

Now that she's added thirty more designs to her portfolio, you can really see how a design aesthetic can develop and produce wearable, interesting work.

Pictured is her Galatea shawl, from Poseidon's Realm Part One. This is a collection of three delicate shawls, each with a soft and organic inspiration and feel. I chose this one as the feature photo because it makes me feel so light and spring-like. Come on, spring!

Helike is a clever hat design; it's reversible, and features a pretty contrast brim that you can choose to show off or keep folded under. Being lace, and having that bright pop of colour, makes this a great transitional winter-to-spring hat.

She's also had her work featured in Cooperative Press' Fresh Designs: Sweaters. Her contribution is the cozy- and comfy-looking Everything Nice Hoodie. It's the pockets, long cuffs, and thumbholes that make this the winningest sort of sweater :)

And I would strongly encourage you to take a peek at all of her other designs. Many of them are items complementary to a spring season.

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Meredith MC said...

Love the Helike hat. Thanks for revisiting this designer- I wasn't familiar with her work.