Monday, April 07, 2014

Hawt Sands; Get Ready for SUMMER!

Holla Knits' Spring/Summer 2014 collection is out today, and it features my latest design.

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Hawt Sands is a pattern that's been brewing in my head for quite some time. A couple years, actually. When I saw the call go out for this collection I knew Holla Knits was the right place for this fun and unique pattern.

Worked flat with just the right amount of colourwork and a CUUUTE hood, I envisioned Hawt Sands a while back for the Holla blog. I'm actually rather proud of that writing; it sums up the pattern inspiration in the best possible way.
as the perfect beachy companion. I wrote a frolicking account of my Hawt Sands inspiration dreams

Knit one for the lakeside, knit one by the lakeside. A summer top and a cute bathing suit coverup. Even great for the spring! Knit fast, bunnies, knit fast; you can totally get one of these cranked out in less than a week. NO SLEEVE! I have to say, I think that's one of the major selling points :)

I'd love to see some Hawt Sands in different colours! What colours would YOU knit it in?


Meredith MC said...

So Cute! I like the idea of aqua with deep blue waves and a bright red sea horse. This is a winner!

Hilary said...

Ok, so this is quite possibly THE CUTEST sweater I have ever seen. Honestly. And those sleeves are perfection!

Meredith MC said...

Update- I got some yarn today to swatch with. Wish me luck with Debbi Bliss Amalfi- a soft mix of cotton, linen, silk and viscose.I'll let you know how it goes!