Friday, April 11, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Irina Bil
Rav ID: SameSong
Some Great Designs: SameSong's Rav Designer Page

It's getting warmer outside: prepare for a transitional wardrobe!
This week's designer has just the thing(s)!

Pictured is the sunny-day shawl of your dreams, Flower Blues. It's a well-balanced combination of colours, simple texture, and ruffle. You can always tell a good design when something as easily overpowering as a ruffle is used and integrated well into the piece!

You may, though, find yourself facing still-chilly temperatures. Ones low enough for you to say "yes! Today is a hat day!"
And for those days, I offer you Snow Leopard and Chocolate Vine. They have, respectively, a fun use of bold colourwork and a happy dance of textural surface.

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